What Affects the Success of Laser Tattoo Removal?

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

What Affects the Success of Laser Tattoo Removal?

Are you thinking about getting laser tattoo removal?

Whether you need to remove a tattoo because you’re getting ready to go into the army or you’ve simply outgrown an old tattoo, you may be under the misconception that laser tattoo removal is your only viable option. The truth is that, although there are a lot of creams and other tattoo removal methods, in the past, none of them have proved to be as effective as laser tattoo removal — until now, that is. With the Tattoo Vanish® Method, you’ll find a tattoo removal method that doesn’t have the same limitations of laser tattoo removal, and gets better, faster and more affordable results. Here are some of the many things that can limit the success of laser tattoo removal:

The color of the ink

Laser tattoo removal cannot effectively remove every color of ink. Some colors are much more difficult to remove, and require more sessions. Pink, orange and yellow inks are some of the most difficult to remove. White ink, on the other hand, is impossible to remove with laser tattoo removal.

To understand why white ink is so difficult to get out through laser tattoo removal, you first need to understand how laser tattoo removal works. You see, colors look the way they do because of the different types of light they absorb. For example, black absorbs every type of light, which makes it look dark. With laser tattoo removal, the lasers send the appropriate types of light into the tattoo, it absorbs it and the color particles get broken up. But, white doesn’t absorb light easily; it instead reflects it. Not only does laser tattoo removal not work on white ink, but it can actually make the white ink turn black, and that can never be removed.