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What are the Most Popular Tattoo Designs?

Updated: May 4, 2023

If you're looking to get a tattoo but don't know where to start, you're in luck. We have plenty of ideas and inspiration for the perfect design to suit your style! From realistic color designs, black and grey portraits (, cover ups (, traditional artwork, and script lettering, we'll be exploring some of the most popular tattoo styles that people are choosing today. Whether it's a full back piece or a small discrete wrist tattoo, there's something out there for every kind of person no matter what their tastes may be.

Japanese Tattoo Designs – Explore the Rich History Behind This Iconic Art Form

Japanese tattoos, also known as "Irezumi", are one of the most recognizable tattoo art forms in the world. Dating back over 3,000 years to 400 BC, Irezumi has an incredibly long and varied history that is a fascinating exploration into the culture of Japan. Today Irezumi can still be seen on many people's skin either casually or formally as a symbol of power and strength; this has helped make Japanese tattoos some of the most iconic art forms in body modification today.

Tribal Tattoos – Symbolic and Meaningful Expressions of Your Inner Strength

Tribal tattoos offer an attractive and meaningful way to express your inner strength. Perhaps you want to pay homage to your ancestors or represent the values of your culture. Or maybe you’re looking for a meaningful way to acknowledge resilience in life-changing moments. Whatever the motivation, tribal tattoos are stunning works of art that can be used as powerful reminders of our inner strength.

Lettering Tattoos – Put Words on Your Body and Make a Statement

Lettering tattoos have become increasingly popular in recent years, offering a great way to make an impactful statement and permanently express yourself. They’re the perfect combination of artwork and language, allowing you to choose your favorite phrase or lyric and place it on any part of your body for all to see. There's no need for fancy illustrations or symbolic imagery when a few carefully chosen words – whether it's playful, meaningful, or inspirational – can be just as powerful.

Celtic Tattoos – Ancient Motifs with Unique Aesthetic Qualities

Celtic tattoos are a popular choice for many people who want a unique and interesting design that carries significant meaning. As a type of body art, these tattoos feature intricate knotwork and stylized animal motifs inspired by ancient Celtic mythology and culture. Boasting beautiful designs that tap into traditional symbolism, Celtic tattoos have an interesting aesthetic that makes them stand out from other types of body art.

Tattoos are a powerful way to make a statement, whether you’re looking for something visually stunning like a Japanese tattoo design, lettering tattoos, or Celtic tattoos. With so much history behind the traditional art of inking, no matter which style you choose, you’ll be joining a centuries-old tradition of expressing yourself through body art. If you’re ready to express yourself and bring your tattoo to the next level, contact us.


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