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The Best Tattoo Shop in Miami with The Best Tattoo artist in Miami

          Fame Tattoos is the Best Tattoo Shop in Miami we take Tattoo Art to a different level spiritually and mentally. We have a high level of continuous Local Clientele, Athletes and Celebrities.  We don't consider ourselves average Tattoo Artist. Our work is based on passion and vision, where we like to picture ourselves as if were writing or drawing a story of our client’s life, past, future and artistic Passion. We will Help guide you with the best option and best look for your new work of art! We are the Top Tattoo Artist in Miami with over 50 years of combining Tattoo experience; this has been a passion of ours since we could remember. During our years of experience, we have been too many tattoo Conventions throughout the world where we have gained knowledge and experience from different tattoo artist. We're the top Award Winning Tattoo Shop in Miami that has won over 100 awards throughout conventions. Our tattoo shop in Miami is a very relaxed and peaceful, giving you the best tattoo experience ever. We also provide All natural, Non-Laser Tattoo Removal, Tattoo Vanish Method is far Less Painful, More Cost Effective as it requires up to 50% Fewer Treatments.


           This is not a factory; we do not treat clients like a walking wallet like most tattoo studios do. We treat each client and each piece as though they are works of art, no matter the size or content. We started to provide Tattoo Removal because there has been a large amount of poor quality tattoos that are so far from Help, that we will Help make a change!

The Best Tattoo Artist in Miami


Tattoo Appointment Deposit

Yes, we accept walk-in's

*Some Tattoos are done at a fixed price given by an artist or manager.

*Custom Full Sleeves & Large-scale pieces are done at an hourly shop rate starting at $150 - $300 per hour depending on the artist you're working with. Some Artist charge between $1,000 - $2,000 for a Full Day up to 8 hours.

*All Cover-ups and Fix ups start at $200 per hour or a set price given by an artist or manager.

*If you are paying by the hour depending on the Tattoo, some will be charged stencil time.

A non-refundable Deposit of $50 - $500 is required for all Tattoo Appointments. This Deposit goes towards the cost of your Tattoo. If more than multiple sessions are required the Deposit will go towards the LAST session of completion.



Since I work by appointment only, if a person cancels his/her Appointment it is difficult and unlikely for me to fill that space on such short notice, meaning that I’m not working when I could have scheduled someone else for that time. Any Cancellations made without at least a 3 DAY NOTICE will result in loss of your deposit and will require another $150-$300 Deposit to reschedule. Also, Canceling on time more than twice will result in the loss of your Deposit, no matter how much notice. This policy is meant to ensure that you are as dedicated to the completion of your Tattoo as we are. You must understand that I have the right to reschedule the appointment at any time for any reason. We appreciate your patience during this time, as it helps to ensure the quality of your Tattoo. Thank you and we're looking forward to working with you.


Click below to send the payment with SQUARE UP. Before sending a Deposit, you MUST contact me first, by E-mail or by Phone, to discuss your tattoo ideas. When placing the Deposit, please make sure to include your Tattoo ideas, Name, Phone number, Email and Appointment Date/Time.                                                                    

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