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Best Tattoo Aftercare




You may begin to care for your tattoo within 2-4 hours of the procedure, or when a sanitary environment is available.


First, wash your hands with antibacterial soap, then remove the dressing. Wash the tattoo with room temperature water and a small lather of a mild unscented antibacterial soap, assuring that all blood and ointments have been removed. (DO NOT USE BAR SOAP)


Next, rinse the tattoo under cold water for 30 seconds or so.

Dry the tattoo by gently patting it dry with a clean PAPER towel. (DO NOT USE CLOTH TOWELS)


Now, allow the tattoo to air dry completely. This drying period will allow your body to form a natural barrier over the tattoo. Now you may leave your tattoo alone until the next day. Do not apply any ointments or cream on the first day.

Steps on how to use your tattoo aftercare
DAY TWO - and so on...

On the day following your tattoo procedure. First, wash your hands with antibacterial soap. Wash your tattoo with antibacterial soap and rinse. This will remove any debris which may have adhered to your fresh tattoo as you slept.


Again, allow the tattoo to dry completely, then begin applying a thin layer of RECOMMENDED AFTERCARE to clean hands and gently massage over the tattoo until it is no longer visible. Use a minimal amount; enough to just barely cover the tattoo. Repeat every morning and before bed until the tattoo is completely healed.


Your tattoo will retain the moisture that it needs while maintaining a layer of dry skin that acts as a protective covering. If it feels too dry or becomes “tight”, apply a bit more. Just be conscious not to “smother” the tattoo, as it needs to breathe. Within a few days to a week, this layer of skin will eventually dry, and fall off revealing the healed tattoo. By applying a small amount of the

RECOMMENDED AFTERCARE 2 or 3 times daily you are giving your skin the moisture it requires to allow that dead skin to separate from the newly healed skin beneath.


DAY TWO - and so on...


Avoid unnecessary touching of your new tattoo, do not scrub or scratch it, wear clean/soft clothing

DO NOT cover the tattoo with anything but your own clothing; you need to let your tattoo breathe

DO NOT pick at the scabs if present

DO NOT wash the tattoo with a washcloth.

DO NOT expose the tattoo to very hot water.

DO NOT overexpose the tattoo to sunlight.

DO NOT submerge tattoo in water, salt water, pools, hot tubs, saunas, and steam.

DO NOT shave over the tattoo.

DO NOT use any products on the tattoo that contains Petroleum or Isopropyl Alcohol.

DO NOT use sunblock until the tattoo is fully healed.


Healing time varies from client to client during the healing period. A white thin layer of new skin may appear in certain areas of the tattoo. It will eventually become come normal skin. Your tattoo is fully healed when it is no longer peeling, and the shiny new skin has achieved a matte finish.


Although we recommend different aftercare for healing, they are other skincare companies. For example Lubriderm, Aquaphor, And Eucerin. These are acceptable product to use on a fresh tattoo. Just be sure to avoid harsh chemicals, Alcohol, Petroleum, and unnecessary fragrances.


(Never put Antibiotic Cream or Ointment on a Tattoo)


After the Tattoo is completely healed you may use RECOMMENDED AFTERCARE once a day to keep your tattoo looking vibrant. If the tattoo is exposed to the sunlight apply SPF 50 or higher of sunblock to keep the tattoo looking vibrant



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