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Micropigmentation: A Better Alternative to Hair Implant Surgery
For many men, when you start to lose your hair, you also start to lose your confidence. Luckily, there’s a solution, and it doesn’t even have to involve a scalpel. With scalp micropigmentation, you can enjoy a natural looking hairline once again without ever having to resort to hair implant surgery. This innovative procedure is ideal for men fighting baldness and thinning hair, and it’s the most effective, non-surgical option available today. 
How does hair pigmentation work?
Scalp micropigmentation involves adding pigmentation to the scalp to create the look of shaved or very short hair. This procedure is performed over the course of several sessions, and we utilize different shades of color. This method of layering and using different shades of color helps to create the 3D look of real hair. In most cases, the lighter pigmentation is applied first and slightly darker pigmentations are used over the course of subsequent treatments, with the darkest treatment being completed last.

Scalp micropigmentation Miami
hair pigmentation from Fame Tattoos

Join the hair revolution with Fame Tattoos!
The Wall Street Journal has called micropigmentation the fastest growing trend in the hair restoration industry. Join the thousands of men who have found a solution to their hair loss or thinning hair with this effective, innovative solution. When you turn to the best tattoo shop for your scalp micropigmentation, you can rest assured that you’ll also get the best results! 
Whether you are balding, you want to cover up a scar, or your hair is thinning, don’t resort to the risks and costs of hair implant surgery. Find a better solution with hair pigmentation from Fame Tattoos. We have the best hair tattoo artists in Miami, and they are experienced, passionate and dedicated to providing you with the very best results. Schedule your appointment with the hair tattoo experts at Fame Tattoos today to get on board with this hair revolution! 

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