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Best Portrait Tattoo Shop in Miami - David Bowie Portait Tattoo

Do you have a Portrait Tattoo in mind? If so, you should know how essential it is to hire the Best Portrait Tattoo Artist in Miami for the job. Portrait Tattoos are especially intricate and Detailed, and not every Tattoo Artist is up to the challenge. But luckily, with the passionate Tattoo Artists from Fame Tattoos on your side, you’ll get the High-Quality Portrait Tattoo you’ve been dreaming about. Our Best Portrait Tattoo Artists in Miami have done many Portrait Tattoos over the years, and in this Gallery, you can see for yourself just how talented they are. Check out our Portrait Tattoo Gallery, and contact us today to schedule your appointment!

best Portrait Tattoo Shop in MiAMI

best portrait Tattoo artists in MIami

best Portrait Tattoo Shop in MiAMI

Portrait tattoos are very special. They always have a deep and personal meaning – a connection – to the bearer.


Some portrait tattoos commemorate a passed loved one. Some celebrate the love a parent has for their child. Some are of cherished pets. No matter what yours means to you, you need the best portrait tattoo artist in Miami to accurately capture the likeness and create the special tattoo you have dreamed about.

Fame Tattoos artists are passionate about portraits. We have created many beautiful portrait tattoos over the years, capturing the spirit of loved ones and immortalizing them in ink.


As the best portrait tattoo artists in Miami, we do portraits in black and white, grey, or color. We capture the dimples of your baby’s smile, the laugh lines that made Grandma special, the warmth in your loved one’s eyes and more. How about portrait backgrounds depicting a special vacation, pet, or object? As the best portrait tattoo artists in Miami, our backgrounds are every bit as impressive as the portrait itself.


Never take chances when it comes to portrait tattoos. Fame Tattoos has the best portrait tattoo artists in Miami that are ready to bring your cherished memories to life.

Best Portrait Tattoo Artist in Miami - David Bowie Portait Tattoo
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