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Best 3-D X-ray tattoo shop miami

If you love the 3d x-ray tattoos, then you’ll love working with the artist in Miami at Fame Tattoos. We’ve created many different 3d x-ray tattoos over the years; some have been simple and straightforward, whereas others have been more in-depth or complex. No matter what kind of 3d x-ray tattoo you’re looking for, we can help to create something extraordinary. Check out our gallery to see the 3d x-ray tattoos we’ve completed. We’re confident that you won’t find a more impressive gallery anywhere. Contact us to schedule your appointment with us today!

best 3d x-ray Tattoo Shop in Miami

best 3D x-ray Tattoo artist in miami

Flamingo 3D X-Ray Tattoo
Iron Man 3D X-Ray Tattoo
Best 3D X-Ray Tattoo Artist Miami
Wolverine 3D X-Ray tattoo
Astro Boy 3D X-Ray Tattoo
Rick and Morty Pickle Rick 3D X-Ray Tattoo
Marvin The Martian 3D X-Ray Tattoo
Darth Vader 3D X-Ray Tattoos

Fame Tattoos is a pioneer in this exciting new style. As seen on our interview on Inked, we developed the system of translating any tattoo that can be skeletized inside into a 3D x-ray tattoo. Since we created the style, we are also the masters of the style. This is the ultimate two-in-one body art. By day you have a kick-ass tattoo that everyone admires. Under x-ray light the piece transforms into a 3D masterpiece.


From superheroes to pop culture icons, from the macabre to the fantastical, our 3D x-ray tattoo artist can do it all. Our gallery is just a small look at the art we can create as a 3D x-ray tattoo shop. Be an early adopter of this trend and come get your own x-ray tattoo – but be warned! Not every 3D x-ray tattoo artist has the skills and experience to pull off this very specialized work. This is not a style that is easy to cover or fix, so you need it done right the first time. Come to our 3D x-ray tattoo shop and see why we are the best.

best 3d x-ray Tattoo Shop in Miami

Best 3-D X-ray tattoo shop miami
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