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best piercing shop in miami
Best Piercing Shop Miami

Looking for a piercing shop you can trust in Miami?
If so, look no further than Fame Tattoos. Regardless of whether you are interested in piercing your septum, lip, ear, nose, nipple or anything else, it’s important to find a piercing shop that will give you peace of mind in your procedure. Piercings are quick, but the results can be permanent, and it’s essential to choose a piercing shop that is clean, professional and experienced. Fame Tattoos is that shop. 
What makes Fame Tattoo your go-to shop for body piercings?

  • At Fame Tattoos, we take your safety seriously. We have high standards where sterilization is concerned, and we employ those high standards to everything from piercings to tattoos to microblading.

  • We know that, while getting a piercing is quick, it can also be nerve-racking, especially if you're about to get your first body piercing. That's why we make it a point to create an environment that is both relaxing and peaceful. No matter what procedure you are interested in, we are dedicated to providing you with the ultimate experience.

  • The artists at Fame Tattoos are passionate about what they do. Unlike other shops, we don’t see our clients as walking, talking billfolds; we are dedicated to helping you express yourself through high-quality work and an unparalleled attention to detail.


SHOP in Miami

Piercing Pricing

Piercing prices include jewelry
and getting it done.



Belly Piercing $50
Eyebrow $50
Nipples $50 (Both $100)
Regular Earlobe $20 ea.
Upper Earlobe $20 ea.
Jewelry Swap $20



$50 to $65
Forward Helix $55
Anti Helix $50
Tragus $55
Conch $55
External Auditory Meatus $50
Anti Tragus $65
Industrial $65
Helix $50
Rook $55

Daith $55
Transverse lobe $50
Snug $50
Auricle $50



$50 to $80
Septum $55
Septril $70
Nostril $50
Nostril Nasallang $70
High Nostril $70

Third Eye $70
Rhino $80
Austin Bar $70
Erl $70



Vertical Hood
Inner Labia
Horizontal Hood
Outer Labia
Princess Albertina






$55 each
Multi Tongue
Tongue Web
Dolphin Bites
Horizontal Lip
Angel Bites
Shark Bites
Vertical Labret
Cyber bites
Snake Bites
Canine Bites
Spider Bites

Piercing prices include jewelry
and getting it done.

Miami's Best Piercing Shop

Piercing is a body modification that can help you express yourself and your personal style. As a permanent modification, it is important to trust your piercings to experienced professionals, and – very importantly – experts working in a clean and sterile environment.

Don’t look for just any “piercing shops near me.” Fame Tattoos is the piercing shop in Miami that takes your choices, your safety, and your body art very seriously. You are not just a customer with a wallet to us; you are someone trusting us to achieve the modifications you want. We ensure you know exactly what the process entails, and we provide instructions on aftercare to prevent infection.

Saying, “piercing shops near me,” as why you choose a particular shop for your body art is not the right answer. Do your due diligence. You must meet with the piercer, make sure they understand your vision, check the shop for cleanliness and a business licence, and read customer reviews. Many people eschew the “piercing shops near me” and come to Fame Tattoos in Miami because of the expert care, level of detail, and cleanliness we provide.

Ears, nose, septum, lip, nipples, belly button – we have pierced all these and more! Even if it’s your first piercing, you’ll feel at home, comfortable and relaxed as we guide you through the process. Discreet rooms are set up for privacy when having private parts pierced, and you are never put in a position where you feel uncomfortable with the piercer or the process.

Don’t just look for “piercing shops near me,” when you decide to express yourself through body modification. Come to Fame Tattoos for the result, and the experience, you desire.


SHOP in Miami

Don’t settle for less than the best for your next piercing.
When you decide to take the leap and get pierced, it’s important to ensure that you’ve found a piercer you can trust. Rest assured that you are in the best possible hands by turning to the pros at Fame Tattoos. We provide body piercings in an environment that is both relaxing and clean, and we strive to provide each and every client with the ultimate experience the moment they walk through our doors. 
Schedule your appointment with the best piercing shop in Miami today!



Miam's Best Piercers

Piercings Are Done on a Walk-in Basis Only. First Come, First Served.

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