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Why Microblading Beats Makeup

Updated: Apr 24

Why Microblading Beats Makeup

Why should you consider microblading when you can just do your eyebrows every day?

In the semi-permanent makeup industry, there’s no hotter trend at the moment than microblading. Let’s face it, eyebrows are in, and we’re not talking about those pencil-thin eyebrows that were popular in the 90s. Today, fuller, more natural looking eyebrows are the number one style trend, and one of the best ways to achieve those kind of eyebrows is through microblading, which is sometimes called 3D brows or eyebrow embroidery. But, why consider microblading when you can sculpt your brows with makeup each day? Here are a few reasons why microblading beats makeup every time:

1. It won’t smudge or wear off.

Have you ever noticed how, at the end of a long day, your once-perfect eyebrows have now started to look smudged, faded or just generally worse for the wear? No amount of makeup setting spray is going to keep your eyebrows looking great for as long as microblading will, which can last anywhere from one to three years. And with microblading, you won’t have to worry about your eyebrows getting messed up after a trip to the gym or a dip in the pool.

2. It will give you long-lasting, perfect eyebrows.

Even for people who are incredibly talented at doing their eyebrows, getting your eyebrows perfect every time is not easy. In fact, it’s not even easy to ensure that your eyebrows are uniform with each other! With microblading, on the other hand, you’ll have consistently perfect eyebrows every day.

3. It will save you time.

When all is and done, the average woman will spend two years out of her life applying makeup. We don’t know about you, but we can think of a few better ways to spend two whole years than being stuck in the bathroom perfecting your eyebrows. Microblading will help you to cut down on that time, because your eyebrows will already be done! Best of all, microblading itself only takes an hour or two, so it’s not like it’s a time-intensive procedure.

4. It will help you save money.

In addition to taking a lot of time to apply all of that makeup, women also spend quite a bit of their hard-earned money on makeup as well. Over her lifetime, the average woman will spend approximately $15,000 on makeup! With microblading, you won’t have to worry about eyebrow pencils, defining cream, brow thickeners, brushes, etc, which can help you save more money.

Let us help you achieve the perfect brows with microblading in Miami.

Microblading is incredibly safe, but it’s important to ensure that you turn to a professional artist, like the ones at Fame Tattoos. Additionally, standard procedure calls for a numbing cream to be used during the procedure, making it virtually painless. There are many reasons why microblading is a great option, and here at Fame Tattoos, we are proud to be your premier source for microblading in Miami.

The next time you’re looking for “microblading near me” in Miami, turn to shop you can trust to provide you with the very best results. At Fame Tattoos, we offer quality through passion, and people travel from all over to work with our talented artists. Don’t wait. Take the first step towards achieving perfect, natural-looking eyebrows by scheduling you microblading appointment today.

Microblading Permanent Makeup in Miami

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