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The Army's Policy on Tattoos

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

The Army's Policy on Tattoos

The Army’s tattoo policy has lightened up, but it’s still strict. In 2015, the Army changed its tattoo regulations upon realizing that its strict restrictions were making it lose out on recruits. It’s no wonder, considering the fact that 30 percent of people aged 25 - 34 have a minimum of one tattoo. While the Army’s regulations on tattoos has softened over the last few years, there are certain tattoos that recruits and soldiers can’t have. There are also restrictions on where tattoos can be placed.

What tattoos does the Army restrict? Regardless of where they are located, the Army prohibits recruits and soldiers from having tattoos that are offensive, which can include tattoos that are:

  • Extremist

  • Sexist

  • Racist

  • Indecent

What tattoos does the Army allow?

While it’s always smart to consult your unit leader before getting a new tattoo, in general, as long as your tattoo doesn’t fall into one of the above categories, it’s safe to assume that the Army’s policy will be accepting of your tattoo. However, there’s one big caveat — it can’t be visible in uniform. You cannot have a tattoo on your head, face, neck (above the t-shirt line), wrists, hands or inside your mouth, eyes or ears. There is one exception to the rule, though. The Army will allow a single ring tattoo on each hand, but it can’t extend farther than a physical ring would extend on your finger.

What if you have a tattoo the Army doesn’t allow? While you may be able to get away with putting makeup over a tattoo or covering it up with a bandage in most jobs, the Army doesn’t allow that sort of thing. If you’re a recruit or a solider, your only option is to get your tattoo removed. Luckily, at Fame Tattoos in Miami, we have a tattoo removal system that is second to none. Here are a few reasons to choose the Tattoo Vanish method over the other most popular tattoo removal method — laser tattoo removal.

Tattoo Vanish is:

  • More affordable

  • Quicker - See results in up to 75 percent fewer treatments

  • Safe

  • Less painful

  • All natural - It uses no toxins or acids

  • The only method for completely removing all colors.

What if you don’t get your tattoo removed? If you are found to have a tattoo that is against the Army’s policy, there are several steps your commander will take. First, you will go through counseling about the tattoo policy. Then, you’ll be asked to get it removed. If you do not get it removed, your commander will start taking steps to initiate the administrative separation proceedings.

For all of your tattoo removal needs, choose Fame Tattoos. Don’t let a simple tattoo put your future and career at risk. If you have a tattoo that doesn’t fit within the Army’s policy, turn to Fame Tattoos in Miami today. Tattoo Vanish is a one-of-a-kind method that second to none, and we offer right here at Fame Tattoos. Find out if the Tattoo Vanish method is the right tattoo removal method for you when you contact us today!

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