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Five Things You Must Know When Choosing a Piercing Shop

Updated: May 23

You’ve picked your next (or first) piercing and are eager to find a shop to book yourself in. When you plug in “piercing shops near me“, there’s a good chance more than a few artists and shops will spring up. What shop should you choose? When booking an appointment, there are five big things you need to know.

1. Piercing Guns are an Industry No-No

If a shop uses a piercing gun, run. Not only are these guns a sanitary nightmare, but they are also incredibly hard on your body. Piercing guns can damage cartilage and tissue. This can exasperate the healing process and, for some, result in a piercing that never truly heals. Many clients report that using a needle is a less painful option than a gun, so really there is no benefit to a piercing gun. When searching for piercing shops near me, always check whether the shop uses a piercing gun or needle.

2. Jewelry Quality Impacts Healing

If you are planning to buy jewelry at the shop, be sure to ask about the material. Often, the results from your “piercing shops near me” search will have information on the types of jewelry they carry. Titanium and 14k to 18k gold are recommended for new piercings. Keep in mind that the jewelry you are pierced with does not have to be permanent. For many piercings, it is better to start with studs or barbells to limit the chances of catching and tearing. Once your piercing heals up, you can start switching out and playing with jewelry styles.

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3. Strict Hygiene Practices are Important

It should go without saying that any piercing shop should have thorough hygiene practices in place. The last thing anyone wants is an infected piercing caused by contaminated equipment in a dirty shop. Before booking a piercing, it is a good idea to check out the “piercing shops near me” for yourself. Ask about the artist’s hygiene practices! The best artists will be more than happy to show you the effort they put into keeping their clients safe.

4. Review the Artist’s Portfolio

Piercings sound simple enough, right? Needle goes in and you have a new piercing! The truth is that good body piercing takes practice and experience. When it comes to cartilage piercings especially, you want to know that your piercer is qualified to be working on you. Bad placement can not only impact the appearance of your piercing, but it can also cause issues in the healing process. Many artists at piercing shops will provide a portfolio of their work, so be sure to check out their website or social media for a closer look.

5. Different Shops, Different Services

Where you want your piercing can make a difference in the artist or shop you choose. There is a chance that the artist may not offer piercing services for certain parts of the body. Some shops only cover more basic piercings, such as ear lobes, nose, belly buttons, and so on. You might be able to get your lobes done, but the same shop may not offer tragus piercings. When shopping around for piercing shops near me, get to know the shop and the services offered. You can usually find the services offered on the shop or artist’s website. Contact us for more details.

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