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Realism Tattoos: What They Are and Why People are Getting Them

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Tattoos are an incredibly personal thing which is why there are as many of them out there as people who have them. Even the same tattoo on a different person, and in the hands of a different artist, will be different. In the past few decades, some tattoo artists have emerged as specialists in certain styles, such as watercolors and realism. The latter has created a group of incredible artists doing what’s known as “realism tattoos.” The best realism tattoo artist can take a photo or idea and make something that looks incredibly realistic in tattoo form.

Today we look at what realism tattoos are, why people love them and how you can find the best realism tattoo artist in your area.

A brief history on realism tattoos

Like many types of tattoo art, realism tattoos have their roots in the larger art world. Photorealism is a style of painting that became popular in the 60s or 70s, around the height of Andy Warhol. For many, the goal was to recreate a photograph as realistically as possible, to trick the viewer into thinking the reproduction was the real thing. Today, the best realism tattoo artist attempts something similar. But instead of painting, they tattoo.

Realism tattoos have really flourished in the past decade or so because of advancements in technology. Both the ink we can use and the tools for application have progressed to the point that incredibly fine detail and shading can be done to get that realistic look.

Why people love realism for tattoos

People love realism tattoos for as many reasons as they love any other tattoo. Reasons can be that it speaks to them, that they love the trick it pulls on the eye, or even that it reminds them of a memory or feeling in vivid detail.

In terms of subject, people often choose portraits for their realism tattoos. The best realism tattoo artist will probably have a specialty, like animals or people, but others can do things like realistic flowers and more. It’s up to you to decide what you want, then you have to search for the right artist to do it.

People’s love of this style has truly exploded in popularity, which makes the select few artists who can do them well more popular.

How to find the best realism tattoo artist

Artist quality matters for every single tattoo you get. If you want a realism tattoo, however, then you’ll need the best realism tattoo artist in your area. Depending on the intricacy of the tattoo, there could only be a select number of artists in your area who can even attempt it. It’s why we recommend you stop by our shop to talk through your vision. Fame Tattoos ( prides itself on creating the best tattoos for our clients, including those who want a realism tattoo. Contact our shop today to talk through what you want and to set up a consultation. From there, we can better understand what you need to ensure you get the ink you want.


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