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The Top 10 Tips When Choosing The Right Tattoo Artist

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

What to look for in a tattoo artist, before you get inked

Getting a tattoo is a very special and very permanent decision. This is not a decision you make lightly, both in choosing what you will get inked and – more importantly – who will do it. You need the ink to be memorable for all the right reasons, not because of a negative tattoo experience. So, whether you need your first tattoo, are looking for a new tattoo artist, seeking a cover-up, or need an artist to finish up work in progress, read this checklist first.

1. True value

The price is important. It must reflect the experience of the artist, the cleanliness and professionalism of the shop, and the value of the products used. There is a very good reason why people say, “good ink isn’t cheap and cheap ink isn’t good.” Great tattooing is a skill. The cost reflects this. This is an investment in you living your authentic life, so invest wisely.

2. Experience

The shop you choose must have the right experience and expertise to execute any tattoo. Fame Tattoos is the best tattoo shop in Miami. From pioneering the 3D X-ray tattoo concept to years of experience in the shop and at conventions and competitions, the entire crew lives and breathes the tattoo lifestyle. You want good ink? Go to the people that know good ink and have been inspiring the scene for decades.

3. The ability to do cover-ups and touch-ups

Skin changes over time. So do personal styles and values. The ink you got then may not be the ink you need now. A tattoo artist that can do cover-ups or refresh old ink is a tattoo artist that cares about the craft and their clients.

4. Black, white and grey application experience

Even if your tattoo is not purely black, grey, and white, the proper application of these basic colors are used for foundations, shading, and accents. If the artist doesn’t have a firm grasp on using these basics to build your tattoo, steer clear as the rest of the piece will look off. We are masters at this art form as it is one of the most impressive styles. Check out our black and grey gallery.

5. Specialists

Most tattoo artists specialize in one or two styles. Look for a professional shop that has attracted all the top artists so they can offer a variety of styles under one roof. This is a shop dedicated to having one safe, clean, professional place for all their clients to come to time and time again. This shop is interested in building relationships, not just doing as much flash as possible daily. We offer 10 distinct styles, all customized to your needs.

6. Portfolio

No portfolio? Steer clear. Even apprentices should have a portfolio of their drawings as they build up their own photo gallery. It’s not like a haircut where you can say “surprise me.” You need to know the style and skill of the artist before you get inked.

7. Testimonials

Genuine organic third-party validation is one of the best ways to find the best tattoo artist in Miami. We are proud of our high reviews on Google (4.8/5, 670+ plus reviews), Yelp, and Facebook. Unlike other shops that give away free products in return for a biased 5-star review, all our reviews are 100%, legitimate paying customers.

8. Full-service range

A tattoo shop that offers other body modifications is a shop that takes the lifestyle seriously and wants you to have one safe and clean option for your tatts, micropigmentation, permanent makeup, and piercings.

9. Tattoo removal

The most knowledgeable people to remove tattoos are the people that understand what goes into creating them. While laser is an option, Fame opts for the safer, more effective, much more comfortable Tattoo Vanish method.

10. Safety

The word “safe” appears several times on this list. To get a tattoo is to be very close in proximity to someone that is modifying your body in a permanent way. You must feel 100% comfortable with the people in the shop, the shop atmosphere, and the procedures. Fame is a shop where people come from all walks of life because we are inclusive, hygienic, professional and a safe space for anyone wanting a tattoo. We pride ourselves on using clean, sterile, one-time-use equipment.

Still undecided? Contact our shop. We are happy to discuss our services so you can make an informed decision.


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