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What are the Different Types of Body Piercing

Updated: Mar 18

Body piercing has become an increasingly popular form of self-expression over the past few decades. From simple ear piercings to more complex facial and surface piercings, there are many options to choose from. At Fame Tattoos, our experienced piercers can walk you through the different types of piercings and help you select the right one for your style and anatomy. Read on to learn about some of the most popular piercing variations.

Ear Piercings:

Ear piercings remain one of the most common types of body piercings. The ear offers numerous possible piercing sites, allowing for an array of styles. Some of the most popular ear piercing types include:

- Lobe - The fleshy lobe is the standard location for a single or double piercing. This area tends to heal quickly and is relatively low in pain.

- Cartilage - The thin cartilage rimming the ear can be pierced in places like the helix (outer rim), tragus, rook, daith, and more. These tend to hurt more than lobe piercings.

- Industrial - This dramatic piercing runs horizontally across the ear, penetrating both the inner cartilage and outer helix with a single barbell jewelry piece.

No matter your style, our piercers can advise on the best ear piercing types and placement for your anatomy. We carry a wide selection of earring styles to accentuate your new earjewelry.

Facial Piercings:

Facial piercings allow you to display your own distinct flare. Some face-piercing options include:

- Eyebrow - An eyebrow piercing passes vertically through the brow ridge. This adds an understated punk vibe.

- Nostril - Nostril or nose piercings penetrate one side of the nose, often with a small stud or hoop. This piercing has gotten popular over the past few years.

- Septum - Located in the cartilage divider between the nostrils, septum piercings remain subtle until you lift the jewelry up.

- Labret - Centered below the lips, a labret piercing can be studded for a bold look.

We'll help determine the correct facial piercing placement and angles for your particular anatomy. Let your natural beauty shine through.

Surface Piercings:

For those wishing for unique piercings with removable jewelry, surface piercings provide edgy flair. The jewelry passes underneath a small section of skin, emerging on either side. Some surface piercing options include:

- Nape - Located discreetly on the back of the neck below the hairline.

- Sternum - Vertically oriented barbells can be placed along the center of the chest bone.

- Navel - A curved barbell highlighting the stomach below the belly button.

Our piercers have specialized surface piercing training to provide proper placement and support healing. We'll help you select locations that work with your lifestyle and appearance goals.

Piercing Aftercare

No matter what type of piercing you select, proper aftercare is crucial during the healing period. This includes cleaning the piercing 1-2 times per day with a sterile saline solution spray and avoiding touching the area with unclean hands. Quality jewelry materials like implant-grade titanium or solid 14k gold can help prevent infection and inflammation.

Here at Fame Tattoos, we provide detailed piercing aftercare instructions so you can heal properly. We also offer piercing check-ups should any issues arise. Contact us today to explore the body piercing possibilities! Our shops in Miami are ready to give you the stellar experience you deserve. Visit our website for more information or to book a consultation.


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