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Tips for Getting a Tattoo You'll Love Part 2

Updated: Apr 24

Tips for Getting a Tattoo You'll Love Part 2

Tattoo removal has never been better.

Here at Fame Tattoos, we are proud to say that we use Tattoo Vanish non-laser tattoo removal in our Miami tattoo shop. This method is all natural, safe and much less painful than laser tattoo removal. However, even with this incredibly effective method for removing tattoos, most people would much rather have a tattoo that they’ll love enough to keep. That’s why, in this blog series, we’re focused on tips to help you get a tattoo that you’ll love. Check out Part 1 to learn about our first three tips, and keep reading to learn more.

4. Don’t invite too many friends to get your tattoo. Getting a tattoo is exciting, and some people want to have friends and family close-by for the big show — we get it. However, bringing too many opinionated people along can leave you with a tattoo that you’re not happy with. Why? Because they are not you, and they may not understand why you love the design that you want. Many people who come into tattoo shops with a large posse end up leaving with a tattoo that their friends may love, but they are not quite so excited about. Keep in mind that you’ll be the one sporting the tattoo for the rest of your life, so it should be up to you and no one else what design you get.

5. Think long and hard about where you want it. Not only is it essential to be absolutely certain about the design of your tattoo, it’s important to be just as certain about the placement as well. Prior to starting the tattoo, your artist will likely put a transfer of the tattoo on your skin, so that you can get a preview of the size and placement. Before your artist gets started with your tattoo, give yourself a minute to think about if it is what you really want. Your artist may have some suggestions for you, but remember, at the end of the day, you’re the one who has to live with the tattoo, so it’s up to you.

6. Follow aftercare instructions carefully.

Once the artist puts the finishing touches on your tattoo, you may think that you’ve done everything necessary to ensure that you get a tattoo you’ll love, but you’d be wrong. In order to ensure that your tattoo heals properly, you need to make sure you follow all aftercare instructions provided by your artist. If you don’t, it can do some serious damage to your tattoo, possibly even making it necessary to get the whole thing redone.

As your go-to tattoo shop in Miami, there’s no better place to turn to for your next tattoo. At Fame Tattoos, we’re proud to say that, with our experienced artists on your side, we’re confident that you’ll end up with a tattoo that you’ll love. However, if you already have a tattoo that you would like to remove or cover up, we can help! Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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