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Tattoo Aftercare Mistakes to Avoid

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Tattoo Aftercare Mistakes to Avoid

The last thing anyone wants is to mess up a new tattoo by unwittingly making aftercare mistakes!

It’s not secret that the process of getting a tattoo can be painful, and when you consider the fact that a tattoo from a talented artist can cost a pretty penny, the last thing anyone wants is to go through all of that discomfort and spend all of that money, only to end up messing up their tattoo because they didn’t care for it properly. But, unfortunately, that’s the reality for many people. Taking proper care of your tattoo while it’s still healing is imperative for getting a great result, but in order to do that, you have to avoid the common aftercare mistakes, which include:

Mistake #1. Using water that’s too hot to wash your tattoo.

After you get your tattoo, your tattoo artist will tell you to wash it with antibacterial soap and lukewarm water. This helps to remove any plasma or blood quickly and easily, but the key here is to use lukewarm water. If you use hot water, it will open up your pores and make it possible for the colors in your tattoo to leach out, leaving you with a blotchy, uneven tattoo.

Mistake #2. Wearing plastic wrap for too long.

Many tattoo artists will wrap tattoos once they are completed. This helps to prevent airborne bacteria from getting into the tattoo and causing an infection. However, in order for your tattoo to heal properly, it must breathe, so you don’t want to keep the plastic on for longer than a couple of hours. If you leave the plastic on for too long, it can suffocate your new tattoo and impede the healing process.

Mistake #3. Using scented soaps and lotions.

A proper tattoo aftercare routine consists of regularly washing and moisturizing your new tattoo, but you can’t just use any soap and lotion to do so. Avoid using any soaps or lotions that are scented, as the chemicals used to create the fragrance can irritate your new tattoo or cause it to fade prematurely.

Mistake #4. Moisturizing too little or too much.

If you moisturize too little, it will lead to a thick scab forming over your tattoo, which will slow down the healing process considerably. And, if you moisturize too much, it can leave your tattoo susceptible to infection. To find the right balance, cover your tattoo with a light layer fragrance-free lotion after each wash, allowing your skin to completely absorb the moisturizer before applying any more.

These are just a few of the many common aftercare mistakes people make, and in our next blog, we’ll be going over a few more!

At Fame Tattoos, we’re proud to be your go-to tattoo shop near you in Miami, and we’ll provide you with complete aftercare instructions for your new tattoo. But, if you ever run into any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us! We’re dedicated to getting you the results you want, and proper aftercare is a huge piece of that.

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