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Everything You Need to Know About Microblading Eyebrows in Miami

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Everything You Need to Know About Microblading Eyebrows in Miami

Are you considering the semi-permanent eyebrow treatment known as microblading, but you can’t make up your mind? If so, you’ll want to continue reading. In this post, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about microblading eyebrows in Miami.

If you’ve ever gone through an eyebrow mishap, getting a procedure such as microblading eyebrows in Miami might be something of interest to you.

What is Eyebrow Microblading?

If you’ve never heard of the term microblading, you’re probably wondering what microblading eyebrows in Miami is. Microblading eyebrows is a semi-permanent way to get fuller eyebrows that look completely natural without having to do anything with your eyebrows yourself.

Microblading eyebrows in Miami is a kind of eyebrow architecture. It’s about creating the best shape to compliment your face and making it a unique experience for everyone.

Microblading Eyebrows in Miami – The Process

The procedure is precise because a tool is used that looks like a pen with a sloped blade. At the end of the blade there are 10-12 tiny needles. Don’t worry; they don’t penetrate your skin, they gracefully scratch the surface. The needles carefully implant featherweight strokes with a medical grade pigment on the outer layer of your skin, so it creates natural-looking individual fine hair strokes.

Is Microblading Like Getting a Tattoo?

Microblading eyebrows can be done at a Tattoo shop in Miami, but it’s not the same procedure as a tattoo. With tattooing, the pigment goes into a deep layer of the skin, and it’s permanent. With microblading, the artist will work on the surface of your skin, and it will fade within 18-months. It’s important to know the difference and ensure you request microblading, and not a tattoo.

Another difference between microblading eyebrows in Miami and tattooing your eyebrows are the hair strokes. With microblading, they’re finer and look more natural because of the handheld blade/needle that’s used. There are no electrical gadgets involved so rather than hearing the buzz of a tattoo gun you’ll hear more of a scratching sound.

Microblading Eyebrows in Miami – the Steps

1. Your eyebrows are shaped by threading the hairs.

2. The area is cleaned and prepped for the microblading treatment.

3. Your eyebrow area is numbed using a topical ointment, which takes about 40-minutes.

4. During the numbing period, you’ll discuss the best color and shape for the look you want.

5. The area around your brows will be measured considering your face symmetry, features, and shape.

6. Then comes the needling process. The pigment will be implanted using featherweight strokes. If you feel any discomfort another layer of numbing cream will be applied.

7. The final layer of pigment will be added and left on for up to 5 minutes.

8. The area is cleaned then you leave the shop with beautiful eyebrows.

Now that you know everything there is to know about microblading eyebrows in Miami it’s time for you to speak with a professional in the Miami area. We are passionate about all the procedures we do, including eyebrow microblading, tattoos, and tattoo removal. To find out more, or to speak with us you can visit our website.

Microblading Permanent Makeup in Miami

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