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Tips for Selecting a Piercing Shop

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

Piercing Shop

If you are interested in getting your first piercing, or maybe another piercing to add to the ones you have, you may be interested in some tips for selecting the right piercing shop for you. When you are looking for piercing shops near me, you need to be careful to pick one that has properly trained piercers, the right workplace ethics, proper equipment and a few other things to ensure you have a safe experience.

Piercing Equipment

For many years it was common for people to get their piercings done with a piercing gun. However, that is not the case anymore. When you look for ‘piercing shops near me’ you should find one that is using properly sterilized piercing needles, as many states have made it illegal to use piercing guns since they cannot be properly sterilized in an autoclave.

Proper Sterilization

In a ‘piercing shop near me,’ any tools, equipment, and jewelry used in the piercing process should be properly sterilized in a device called an autoclave. Autoclaves use a combination of steam and pressure to ensure any bacteria are eliminated. No piercing shop should be operating without an autoclave, and you should ask them for the latest spore test results to ensure their machine is working properly.

Piercing Setup

To feel comfortable about a piercing shop near me set up, you should ask to watch them do a setup for a piercing appointment, and be in the room when they set up for your piercing. The person doing your piercing should be washing and gloving their hands first, and all equipment used should be sealed in individual sterilization packages on a tray. If a piercer touches anything other than you or the equipment and tools, their gloves should be changed immediately. Needles should be in individual sterile packages, never let a piercer use a needle that has been soaking in a liquid. Any used needles should be disposed of in a biohazard sharps container.

Trained and Knowledgeable Piercer

When looking into ‘piercing shops near me’ you should make sure the piercers are properly trained, either through apprenticeships, or self-taught and mentored by other practicing piercers. Continuing education is also important. You can ask how long the piercer has been practicing, how they learned, and any extra education they have taken to keep up-to-date.

Provide Aftercare Instructions

Good ‘piercing shops near me’ should give you information for the aftercare of your piercing. They need to be able to provide you with all the information you need to ensure you avoid infections and keep the piercing in good condition while it heals.

Age Requirements

Laws are in place that set what age it is appropriate to receive piercings, minors should require parental consent (up to a certain age depending on state and local legislation.) It is not appropriate for anyone under the age of 18 to receive a piercing on genitalia or the nipples.

Professional Piercing Shops Near Me

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Best Piercing Shop in Miami

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