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How to Cover Up a Tattoo - Five Steps

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

How to Cover Up a Tattoo - Five Steps

Tattoos, for many people, are for life. But we also change. The tattoo we got when we were in our late teens may not be something that we want later in life, and that’s perfectly fine. When you have the best cover-up tattoo artist in Miami, you will be able to turn a tattoo that you hate into something that you love. Here are the five steps that your tattoo artist will do to make sure your cover-up is everything you want it to be.

Step 1: Consult You on Your Tattoo

When it comes to cover up tattoos, the first step is always a consultation. Every artist, including the best cover-up tattoo artist, will need to know what they are working with for the tattoo, and that means an in-person meeting. During this consultation, you will talk about designs, colors, and possibilities. Feel free to bring examples and pictures of what you would like.

Step 2: Make Some Designs

Once you and the best cover-up tattoo artist in Miami have done your consultation, they will go away and draft some concepts for the new cover-up tattoo. These drafts, or single drafts depending on your consultation, are like a preview of the work you will have done. Many people take this step as a sort of final version, but it is important to remember that you can request small changes or ask to discuss it in person. Tattoo artists don’t want to give you something that you don’t like, so it’s important that the draft design is something that you are happy with. And it’s important that you settle on that before you actually get it tattooed on your body.

Step 3: Maybe Remove Some of the Old Tattoo

While some of the best cover-up tattoo artists in Miami are able to turn almost anything into a brand new design, there are times when some tattoo removal will free up the work and help you make something different. At Fame Tattoo, we use a completely natural and less painful tattoo removal system that can be done in far fewer sessions than traditional, laser-based tattoo removal. So if this is a necessity for your new design, you can take comfort in the fact that it will take less time and will be more effective. Plus, you can get removal and new tattoos all under the same roof.

Step 4: Book Your Session

This step is maybe the easiest: you will have to call and book a session or two for your cover-up tattoo. Bear in mind that if you want the best cover-up tattoo artist in Miami, you may have a waiting period of weeks or months.

Step 5: Cover Up Your Tattoo

The final step, after everything else, is to do the hard work of covering up your tattoo and making it into something that you love again. Depending on how elaborate the design and colors, this may take a couple of sessions to do. In the end, however, you will have a tattoo and design by the best cover-up tattoo artist in Miami that you will want to show off again, and that’s the point.

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