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Five Points to Consider While Looking for Piercing Shops

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Five Points to Consider While Looking for Piercing Shops

Piercings can be a great way to show off your personality, and a fairly light-weight body modification that can be highly customized. Choosing the right piercing shop for your piercing, though, is essential; if you want to get a proper piercing with the right equipment and correct aftercare instructions, you’ll want to find a piercing shop with knowledgeable staff. So, if you are looking for piercing shops near me, there are five points that you should consider before you choose the place to get your piercings done.

Knowledgeable and Trained Staff

Having staff and a piercer that is not only knowledgeable but is also trained is essential when dealing with piercings. When you go to piercing shops near me, you should always get someone who has professional training in piercings, unlike some mall shops that just use a piercing gun and limited knowledge to get a piercing done quickly, but not safely. Most training done for professional piercers is done through apprenticeships, or is self-taught with the guidance of other practicing piercers. When it comes to piercing, over time there is often new knowledge in the industry to make the process even safer or easier, so this means the piercer you choose should have some form of continuing education to ensure they are up to date on everything. When it comes to knowledge for the piercer you choose, time is a great asset, so you can ask how long they have been working as a fully trained piercer in addition to questions about how they learned and their extra education.

Piercing Setup

Piercing equipment has evolved, and when you are looking for piercing shops, you should inquire about what equipment they are using. Sometimes, basic mall piercing setups will still be using piercing guns, but these are not truly safe to use, and they should never be used for piercing (some states have even banned them.) The piercer you choose should be using a hollow piercing needle by hand; this removes a small amount of skin for the piercing to go through instead of just forcing the piercing through, which can lead to easier infections.

The setup of a piercing station is also important: everything should be sterilized, and proper hand and station washing practices should be occurring. Clean and gloved hands ensure minimal chance of contamination, and all the equipment on the tray should be sealed in individual sterilized packaging. Needles should be in individual sterile packages and should never be left soaking in a liquid, and they should be disposed of in a biohazard sharps container after use.

Sterilization Setup

Sterilization is important for avoiding infections, so the piercing shops near me should be using autoclaves to sterilize any equipment, tools, and jewelry they will be using in a piercing appointment. Autoclaves use pressure and steam to eliminate any bacteria and spores. They should also have regular spore tests done on their autoclave, and you can ask for the latest results.

Aftercare Instructions

Aftercare instructions are just as important as the piercing procedure itself, and piercing shops near me should be providing the latest in aftercare instructions to all their customers after an appointment. Aftercare instructions should be followed; they will minimize the chance of infections and scarring while the piercing heals.


Like any artist, piercing shops near me should have a portfolio ready for you to browse through for any piercer on their staff. This allows you to see the work they have done in the past, to show off their skills, and to see what body locations they have experienced piercing.

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