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All You Need to Know About Tattoo Removal Methods

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

There are tattoos we love and there are tattoos that now, later in life, we may not want anymore. Up until now, people have had to rely on painful means of getting tattoo removal Miami residents, however, can get a less painful, more effective means of getting their tattoos removed. Understanding your options, however, is important. Here are three of the main ways you can get a tattoo removed in Miami.

All You Need to Know About Tattoo Removal Methods

Laser Treatments

When it comes to tattoo removal, Miami residents often think of laser removal. Some even believe it is the only option. And while it is far and away the most popular, laser tattoo removal is not the only option. Regardless, here’s how it works: a professional uses a laser to break down the large ink particles that make up your tattoo and, after they break up sufficiently, your body’s immune system breaks them down further and gradually removes them. As many people know, this process can actually be quite painful and can take multiple sessions to break up every bit of ink sufficiently. Being the most popular, laser tattoo removal is also one of the most expensive options out there.

Dermabrasion and Surgery

These two options are also available for people looking into tattoo removal. Miami residents may find surgery to be an extreme option, but this particular surgery is a simple procedure that can be done on small tattoos. The problem, of course, is cost, as it requires the attention of a dermatological surgeon. Dermabrasion is far more common and less expensive. This method works by using a medical grinding tool to remove the top layer of skin protecting the tattoo. From there, they continue to grind away the skin with the ink itself, leaving people with less tattoo and an open wound. This method is quite painful and often requires some form of anesthetic.

Tattoo Vanish

Unlike the above methods, Tattoo Vanish is the only tattoo removal Miami treatment that can get rid of color tattoos in a cost-effective manner. Tattoo Vanish works differently than laser removal or surgery and dermabrasion, instead relying on natural ingredients that penetrate your skin and gently remove the ink. How does it work? For your comfort, a local anesthetic is applied to the area. Then a certified tattoo removal expert at Fame Tattoos goes over the area with a tattoo machine to open up the skin. Then, they apply the Tattoo Vanish Ink Eraser, which wipes out the ink, sometimes completely within the first session. This process can be easily repeated until the tattoo is completely removed. This method is extremely effective on color tattoos in particular, which other methods have a hard time removing without damaging the skin.

Tattoo Vanish is the least painful and most effective way to get a tattoo removed. Many people are looking to get tattoo removal. Miami ( residents can come down to Fame Tattoos to look into how Tattoo Vanish can help them get rid of their unwanted tattoos. Contact us for more details.


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