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Considering a ‘Hair Tattoo?’: Pros and Cons to Consider Before You Commit

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Hair loss is very common amongst aging men, or even those with the premature balding genes. Many are researching various solutions to the problem, whether it is transplants or toupees. For some, a hair tattoo through hair micropigmentation might be the best option, especially if they are comfortable with the idea of getting a tattoo already. Below are the pros and cons to consider before committing to a hair tattoo, and what you need to look out for.

What is Hair Micropigmentation?

Hair tattoos done by hair micropigmentation are a great option for those that like the look of a nearly shaved head (a little fuzz left.) You can get a natural hairline, without having to resort to using expensive hair transplantation surgeries, plus it’s quick and effective. Today it is helping many men fight the signs of balding, thinning hair, and receding hairlines with a safe technique that is non surgical.

How is Hair Micropigmentation Done?

Hair micropigmentation is done by a tattoo artist applying a series of tattooed dots onto your scalp. This process will make the scalp look shaved or give the appearance of very short hair. It uses multiple colors in order to produce a more natural look. With the application first of lighter colors, then darker, and finally doing the darkest color last, you get a 3D effect to the hair, to make it look real. The process will take several sessions, and multiple shades of color, but in the end gives a look that many men are very pleased with.

The Pros of Hair Micropigmentation

● More affordable than hair transplant surgeries, and has fewer risks than surgery

● Get a great natural look that needs little upkeep

● If you continue balding, then you can just extend the hair tattoo, the artist will blend it into your current hair when doing the artwork

● Hair tattoos can be used with other hair loss methods

● Can help disguise the appearance of alopecia in which people lose distinct patches of hair

The Cons of Hair Micropigmentation:

● It is more difficult to do effective hair tattoos if you color your hair often, or you have greying hair

● You need to avoid direct sunlight after the tattoo, as UV rays can dull tattoo inks

● You may be allergic to the special ink, so have a small patch of your scalp tested first

● If your tattoo artist doesn’t use ink that is special made for scalps, the tattoo could fade quickly

Always Choose a Respected and Talented Tattoo Artist

For any tattoo in general, you want to choose a tattoo artist or parlor that is highly regarded, professional, and keeps a high standard of safety. Any scalp tattoo must be done with brand new needles in order to avoid infections, complications and side effects. As well, hair tattoos require a special scalp ink, so always ask first if they are using the right ink. Any good tattoo parlor will provide you with a full after-care treatment plan, to ensure no complications in the healing process.

If you are interested in a hair tattoo through hair micropigmentation, then contact Fame Tattoos today to schedule an appointment for a consultation to determine if a hair tattoo is right for you.

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