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Is a Hair Tattoo the Right Solution to Your Hair Loss Problems?

Updated: May 23

Micropigmentation, or permanent makeup, historically, has been about restoring the features of the face. Sometimes it is a viable option to restore eyelashes, or conceal scars. It also works well to restore color in skin where the pigment has left. Now there is another cosmetic application for micropigmentation techniques that is focused on restoring the scalp—it is called a hair tattoo.

What is permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup, or micropigmentation, is when one augments a certain region where there is no hair with a series of tiny little tattoos. Suppose, for example, that you notice a little imperfection in your eyebrow one day – like a tiny little bite taken out where hair is supposed to be. Your girlfriend might recommend mascara, or some kind of eyebrow enhancing makeup, but you don’t like putting it on every day. Eventually, someone tells you about permanent makeup, and how it is a tiny little tattoo that goes right over the little bald spot. You decide to get it done and it looks awesome. You are thrilled. Now, imagine doing this to a receding region of the scalp instead of just the eyebrow.

Is a Hair Tattoo the Right Solution to Your Hair Loss Problems?

I woke up with a hair tattoo

It turns out that that this new sub-field of permanent makeup, called a hair tattoo, is emerging as an effective way of restoring a receding hairline. It is a safer, cheaper alternative to having a hair transplant, and it is less of a gamble.

Hair transplants tend to be risky because there is no guarantee of how good or consistent the results will be. When they remove the healthy hair follicles and put them on the scalp, it is always the case that some will live and some will not. If most of them live, then you will have a successful hair transplant. If most of them die, then the transplant will have failed. Hair tattoos eliminate some of these risks because the ink remains on the skin, permanently embossed alongside your healthy hair follicles. It is a much safer alternative because a hair transplant would have a greater risk of infection compared to a simple tattoo. Hair tattoos are far cheaper, too, because tattoo artists do not cost as much to hire as surgeons do.

A hair tattoo cannot offer the possibility of hair growing back where it used to be, but it does enrich that nice little bed of seedlings by filling in the blanks. You don’t have to have surgery just to preserve that nice, clean-cut hairline. Visit our website to know more.

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