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Considering a Portrait Tattoo? Top Four Things to Ask Your Tattoo Artist

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Considering a Portrait Tattoo? Top Four Things to Ask Your Tattoo Artist

When it comes to choosing the right tattoo for your body, the portrait tattoo is probably one of the highest levels of commitment to something to consider putting it permanently on your body. With portrait tattoos comes a level of difficulty that not many other tattoos can match, you are going to want to be extra diligent in your choice of a tattoo artist. You don’t want a second-rate tattoo artist working on your portrait tattoo, so you weed out the chaff and find the best portrait tattoo artist in Miami. To do this, you need to ask some right questions for the tattoo artists you are considering.

Can I See Your Portfolio?

Just like for any tattoo, you should be looking at the tattoo artist’s portfolio before you decide to choose them for your portrait tattoo. The best portrait tattoo artist is going to have an extensive portfolio available to look at with pictures of many of their finished tattoos. But, make sure that the pictures they have available aren’t just of the tattoo right after it has been done; their portfolio also should include many photos of tattoos after they have fully healed. A tattoo done immediately almost always looks good, but one that still looks amazing after it’s fully healed means the tattoo artist is a practiced professional who takes their work seriously, keeps a well-sterilized workstation, and knows how to provide the right aftercare instructions to keep their work looking great for years to come. In a portfolio, many tattoo artists will keep the original image that the tattoo is based on, so you can have a comparison to see how well they were able to replicate the image in the tattoo.

What Experience Do You Have with Portrait Tattoos? Your Training?

When looking through the portfolio of the best portrait tattoo artist in Miami, you should hopefully be seeing lots of examples of portrait tattoos they have done in the past. You should be asking them directly though how much experience they have specifically with portrait tattooing. Portrait tattoos have unique properties and techniques that need to be honed to get the best possible results, particularly when it comes to shading and texturing portraits to look realistic. Along with specific experience, you should also inquire about what training they have had, whether they apprenticed under another tattoo artist or are self-taught. Also, ask about what kind of continuing education courses they have taken to keep themselves up to date with tattoo technology and techniques.

How Clean and Sterile is Your Workspace?

Always, always, always ask about the sterilization and cleanliness process of a tattoo shop when you are looking for the best portrait tattoo artist in Miami. Getting infections or diseases from an unclean tattoo parlor can be devastating for the end-result of the tattoo, and dangerous for your health overall. The shop’s autoclave should have result inspections for bacteria counts, and all their tools should be properly sterilized and packaged before use. Sharps such as needles can never be reused between patrons; they should be disposed of in a sharps biohazard container.

Will You Provide Detailed Aftercare Instructions or Follow-ups?

Aftercare is very important when it comes to any tattoo, so you should ask if the best portrait tattoo artist in Miami will give you detailed instructions on how to take care of the tattoo in the 8-10 weeks after your visit to ensure proper and safe healing. You should also ask if they will do a follow-up to check if there need to be any touch-ups done after healing.

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