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Cover Up Tattoos: Tips and Advice from Artists

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Tattoos are with you for life. For the most part, you have a piece of art that makes you proud and that feels personally significant, and you want to show it off. Every once and a while, however, you may have a tattoo that you want to get rid of. In those instances, you have two choices: sign up for tattoo removal or call the best cover up tattoo artist in Miami.

Getting a tattoo covered up is about more than obscuring the past. It’s about making something great for the future. Here are some tips and tricks about cover up tattoos from the best cover up tattoo artists in Miami: where to go, what to consider, and how you can turn a regret into a fantastic piece of art.

Cover Up Tattoos: Tips and Advice from Artists

Tip#1: Choose Between a Redesign or A Cover Up

For people who don’t simply dislike their tattoo, there’s always the option of a redesign. For example, you may have a devil and angel on each of your shoulders, a classic tattoo, but you want them to be fleshed out rather than covered up. In that instance, what you’re really looking for is someone to build on what’s there, covering up as necessary but transforming and enhancing the original.

Redesigns are a different ball park. For example, you’ll likely want an artist who not only does great cover up work, but who can also imitate or work within many different styles. Some of the best tattoo artists can change their style on the fly, and these gifted individuals make for amazing redesign artists.

Tip #2: Think Hard About What You Want

If you don’t want a redesign, then you are like most people who come through our doors. You’re looking for cover-up tattoos because you dislike or regret the tattoo. It’s not the art, usually, but the concept. Either you don’t relate to it anymore or you simply don’t like it. Either way, the key to getting a great cover up tattoo is to think about what you want next, not simply what you want to disappear. Think hard about a concept or design that you really love and talk to your artist about it. From there, you can get a piece that you’ll feel confident about.

Tip #3: Be Flexible

Whether you’re getting a redesign or a complete cover up, you have to be flexible and work with your artist. This is because some things are possible with this style of tattoo and other things simply aren’t. For example, dark lines may be all but impossible to completely obscure, which means you’ll have to get a design that works with them rather than against. The key to getting the best cover up tattoo is to understand that some things are possible and some things aren’t.

The Best Cover Up Tattoo Artist in Miami

If you are looking for the best cover up tattoo artist in Miami, then come down to us here at Fame Tattoos. Our team of artists have been helping people turn their regretful tattoos into beautiful and amazing pieces of art for years. No matter where it is or what you envision, our team can work closely with you to create something you’ll want to show off instead of hide.

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