Get Unique & Beautiful Tattoos Designed by Black and Grey Tattoo Artists Near Me

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

There is something truly unique and beautiful about black and grey tattoos. The style relies heavily on the shading and line work of the artist, making them as challenging as they are wondrous to behold. That said, many people have trouble finding the right tattoo artist to bring their black and grey tattoo to life. If you are typing “black and grey tattoo artists near me” into your phone, then be sure to read on about the history of the style, why it’s so popular, and where you can find a gifted artist to give you the tattoo you’ve always imagined.

The History of Black and Grey Tattoos

Black and grey tattoos have likely been with us for a long time. A very long time. In fact, ancient Egyptians likely used ash in their inks for tattoos, meaning people have been getting black and grey tattoos for a couple thousands of years!

Get Unique & Beautiful Tattoos Designed by Black and Grey Tattoo Artists Near Me

The more modern style of black and grey came out of necessity in the middle of the last century. During this time, tattoos were becoming more popular amongst people in the prison system. There, artists made due with whatever they could get their hands on to make the tattoos, including using ash in the inks to make greys and blacks, just like the ancient Egyptians!

The style became so popular that it was gradually banned in the prison system. By then (1970s), though, the style had already crossed over into the mainstream, and people have been perfecting the stripped down style ever since.

What Makes a Great Black and Grey Tattoo Artist