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Tattoo Ideas - Five Basic Steps to Getting the Tattoo of Your Dreams

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Tattoos are an expression of who we are, but getting a tattoo is a big step. They are a permanent piece of artwork you are putting on your body. It can be an anxiety inducing event, especially for a first timer. There are plenty of tattoo shops in Hialeah, but at Fame Tattoos we can help you get the tattoo of your dreams.

One of the Best Tattoo Shops in Hialeah

At Fame Tattoos, we take your experience seriously. Getting a tattoo is a process you should be prepared for. Here are the 5 steps involved in getting the tattoo of your dreams.

1. Choosing a Design

This is an important part of getting a tattoo. Doing research on different designs helps you decide what you like and don't like. There are a variety of factors to consider here: style, color and size. Where you want to put the tattoo plays a role as well.

2. Choosing an Artist

There are a variety of tattoo parlors out there. Using social media is a great way to do this. Many artists have social media accounts where they post pictures of their work. Checking out their portfolios helps you find someone with a style you like. Fame Tattoos is one of the best tattoo shops in Hialeah. We take pride in our work and will keep you relaxed and comfortable as we guide you through the process.

3. Preparation

Reach out to your studio and artist of choice and ask about the place including if they do custom creations. Ask about hygiene and sanitation procedures. Be sure to ask about pricing. Some places charge by the hour, others by project.

Another thing you can do in preparation is shave the area and find a good numbing lotion. Some people are more sensitive to pain than others. Know your pain limit to help you prepare for the procedure.

4. Appointment

Now that you know what tattoo you want and where you will go, the next step is simple: make the appointment! While some tattoo shops in Hialeah accept walk-ins, others may not. At Fame Tattoo, we gladly take walk-ins! Make sure you have an idea of how long it will be and what it will cost.

5. Aftercare

You finally got your dream tattoo. Now what? The artist will wrap it in a sterile, moist band aid that will keep the skin hydrated. Be sure to follow aftercare instructions carefully if you want to keep your tattoo clean and bright. Many tattoo parlors have aftercare kits available that include moisturizers for different stages of the healing process.

Now that you are ready to get your dream tattoo, one of the best tattoo shops in Hialeah will be happy to serve you. Following these five simple steps will ensure you have a pleasant experience getting your dream tattoo. Make sure you follow all the aftercare instructions carefully to ensure your tattoo stays bright and beautiful for many years to come.


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