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How Do Tattoo Artists Do Cover-Ups?

Updated: May 23

Do you have an old tattoo that you would like to replace with something fresh? There are so many reasons why someone might want to cover up some ink. Sometimes tattoos can bring back unpleasant memories. Perhaps you have changed, and your tattoo doesn’t reflect who you are anymore. Or maybe the tattoo just wasn’t done well, and you don’t like it. Whatever the reason, working with the best cover up tattoo artists can transform your tattoo into a piece that you love.

How Do Tattoo Artists Create Cover Ups?

The best cover up tattoo artists can create some pretty incredible transformations. Looking at before and after photos of covered up tattoos is mind-blowing. How do they do it? There are a few techniques that are used:

1) Incorporating the old tattoo into a new design.

This technique uses the shapes and colors in the old design as part of the new tattoo. For example, a name in scroll letters can be transformed into vines or a heart can be made into an animal. Working with one of the best cover up tattoo artists really opens up the possibilities because a great tattoo relies on an incredible artist.

2) Expert blending and shading

Professional tattoo artists that specialize in cover up tattoos are exceptional with blending and shading. With these techniques, they can transform old tattoos into new, fresh images that you love.

3) Darker colors work best for cover ups

In most cases, tattoo artists rely on dark colors like blue, brown, and black to cover over existing tattoos. Since the original tattoo isn’t going anywhere, the colors used in the new piece have to be bold enough to keep the original ink from showing through.

4) Larger areas for the cover up tattoo

In order to properly cover up a tattoo, your artist will most likely need to design a piece that is larger than the one you are trying to cover. The bigger the new tattoo design is, the more likely that you will not be able to notice your original tattoo.

Things to Remember When Getting a Cover Up Tattoo

Not all tattoos are covered up as easily as others. Keep in mind that faded or light-colored tattoos are easier to cover. Also remember that simpler tattoos are much easier to incorporate into a new design than an intricate tattoo. Don’t worry, though. The best cover up tattoo artists can work with just about any type of tattoo.

Working with the Best Cover Up Tattoo Artists

When you are looking for the best cover up tattoo artists, make sure you schedule an appointment with one of our talented artists here at Fame Tattoos ( It is important to meet with your tattoo artists, show your existing tattoo, and talk about some ideas you have for a cover up image.

Our artists are passionate about their art and want each and every customer to walk out with a piece that they are proud of.


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