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How to Cover Up Your Old Tattoo with a New Design

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Tattoos are a commonplace mode of fashion these days. So commonplace, in fact, that it is actually less common to see someone without a tattoo than with one. Getting a tattoo can be an exciting experience. It is a way to express yourself through word or imagery, to immortalize an experience for a lifetime (whether it be a tribute to a passed loved one or pet), and to make a fashion statement with a sleeve piece or a full-back multi-color piece. However, as exciting as a tattoo is, we don’t always make the best decisions when we first start getting our tattoos. Whether it was a placement or a design mistake, the best cover up tattoo artist in Miami can help.

How to Cover Up Your Old Tattoo with a New Design

Getting a tattoo is a potentially big decision. A tattoo is permanent, and no one’s foresight is perfect. Often, we find ourselves with tattoos of a significant other we are no longer with, an endorsement for a band or movement we no longer like, or simply a badly inked piece done by an inferior artist on a whim. Getting tattooed can potentially bring its share of regrets—but none that the best cover up tattoo artist in Miami can’t handle.

Getting a Removal or a Redesign?

However, there is no need to prematurely despair about the possibility of seeing your ex’s initials in a heart on your forearm when you are seventy. Tattoo removal and redesigning is available by artists who understand that not everyone makes perfect decisions, particularly permanent ones. For people in this unenviable position, you could get tattoo removal done in several sessions. Or, you could conveniently modify the existing tattoo with a design more to your liking, and the best cover up tattoo artist in Miami is here to help you out.

How Does a Tattoo Redesign Work?

Covering up, working in, or disguising an old tattoo is an alternative to the painful, invasive, time-consuming, and potentially expensive process of tattoo removal. However, not every tattoo artist is capable of doing a modification. You will have to seek out specialty technicians, the best cover up tattoo artists, who are able to work around and integrate into your existing tattoo.

When covering up an old tattoo, the ink deposited into the skin does not actually “cover up” the old tattoo, but rather mixes hues with the old inks. The two colors combine to create another color or shade (for example, blue and yellow would make green). However, the stronger or darker color will become more prominent in the finished re-work. Black is obviously the best choice for a re-work, so it will be up to you to decide whether you are willing to take a darker - or all-black - tattoo over your old one. The best cover up tattoo artist in Miami can help you decide on the best design and color scheme to cause the greatest cover up effect without compromising your style preferences.

It is important to remember that a cover-up is not the same as getting a new tattoo from scratch. The artist will have to accommodate and compensate for the tattoo you already have, and even the best cover up tattoo artist in Miami can have his or her limits. So keep in mind that you will have a limited choice of designs if you want to really make your old piece inconspicuous.

When all is said and done, there is a lesson to be learned: always be cautious about your choice of tattoos. Think about whether what you get inked will be relevant to you ten or twenty years down the road, and whether it’s something you don’t mind sharing with the world.

The Best Cover Up Tattoo Artist in Miami

If you have the jitters about a tattoo that you no longer want, in the Miami area, pay a visit to Fame Tattoos. Fame Tattoos boasts the best cover up tattoo artists in Miami, and they will incorporate your old tattoo into a design you’ll love.

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