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Cover Up Tattoo Artist - How to Find Them

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Cover Up Tattoo Artist - How to Find Them

Remember that time in your life, you know the one, where you are newly legal, so you do anything and everything you were finally allowed to? While some people are content with going to the bars and clubs or enjoy exercising their new rights by going to the liquor store and getting carded for the first time, you decided to go one further – you got a tattoo. Maybe you were the first of your friends to get one, and you wore it like a badge of honor because the Tasmanian Devil was the unsung hero of your childhood, right? Fast forward thirty years and here you are, reading this blog and trying to figure out how to get rid of it.

Join the Party!

Don’t worry; you were not the only person in the 90s that felt compelled to tattoo a cartoon character on their body. Tweety Bird was quite the hot ticket at one point too! However, fast-forward to 2019, and you realize the moment has passed, the reference is dead – most people don’t even have cable television anymore! What do you do? Easy. Locate the best cover up tattoo artist in Miami.


Fixing an unwanted tattoo is possible, and you have a couple of options available. First, depending on what your end game is, you could have it completely removed. Tattoo removals are achieved most with lasers, multiple sessions, and no small amount of discomfort. Laser tattoo removal also comes with risks, including permanent scarring. Instead, you could opt for one of the newer tattoo removal creams available, or you could fix the unwanted tattoo by covering it up with something you do want. This is where the best cover up tattoo artist in Miami becomes handy.

Shop Around

Let’s say you decide you want to cover up the old tattoo with something more appealing, where do you begin? The best practice for finding the best cover up tattoo artist in Miami is the same as it is for most things these days, Google it! Research the various tattoo shops in your area and thoroughly go over their websites and reviews. Choose the best tattoo artist in Miami who is reputable and matches the new style of tattoo you are after.

Not All Artists are Created Equal

Tattoo artists tend to specialize in various niches. Some are amazing at portraiture, others have mastered watercolor effects. Some will only work in black and whites, and another may stick to old school Sailor Jerry style work. Not every artist will be the artist for your cover up. Once you decide on a shop or two that seems promising, go in-person to meet with the artists. The best cover up tattoo artist for the job will make themselves known based on what you are looking for in your new piece, and they will be able to demonstrate how they plan to work the old tattoo seamlessly into the new one with a sketch of their concept.

If you are not entirely satisfied with the idea they have or the sketch they produce, do not use them. Your tattoo cover up needs to be better than what you are covering up and to achieve that you cannot settle for an artist that isn’t up to the task of your vision and standards. Hold off on booking any cover up until you find an artist that makes you feel excited and confident about your cover up piece.

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