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Microblading Your Eyebrows: What You Need to Know

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Our brows are the picture frame to our faces. When they’re unruly, or nearly invisible, we can often feel the same way. Whether it’s a bold and full look we crave, or a crisp, beautiful arch, the beauty market is flooded with products that ensure we get the results we desire. However, when we’re looking for a more permanent and low-maintenance result, we turn to microblading. The art of the microblading treatment involves applying natural-looking, hairlike tiny strokes with a professional microblading pen. Are you carefree and looking to keep your daily routine super-simple while still looking your best? Or are you beauty-obsessed 24/7? When microblading eyebrows in Miami, Fame Tattoos is home to the city’s trusted experts, delivering the specialized, artistic permanent makeup tattooing you crave today. But first, a few tips for the best, and longest-lasting, results.

The perfect prep

Prior to a session for microblading eyebrows in Miami, guests will want to resist the urge to pluck or wax their brow area. Expert permanent makeup tattoo artists rely on the natural eyebrow’s shape to balance and create the most desired results. It’s also important to maintain the integrity and strength of the skin in the area. Guests should avoid exfoliators, blood thinners, and products that contain glycolic acid, Retin A, alpha hydroxy acids, and other skincare products with active ingredients known to increase sensitivity for at least three days prior to their visit.

Microblading Your Eyebrows: What You Need to Know

Communication is key

The best makeup tattoo artists who are microblading eyebrows in Miami have an expert eye for balance and scale when it comes to working with the natural brow, face shape, structure, and the client’s personal desires. However, this is a semi permanent process, and it’s important to be sure the artist and the guest are on the same page when it comes to microblading features, such as fullness. One useful tip to ensure you’re both on the same page can be to use photos, sourced online, in a magazine, or using photos of your own. This is a great way to illustrate the desired threshold when it comes to fullness, from a fine and light touch to a heavy and bold brow. Most makeup tattoo artists will also offer a handheld mirror to ensure there are no surprises at the end of the service.

Aftercare, also essential

Once we’ve invested our time and money into microblading our eyebrows with the best tattoo artists in the city, it’s exciting to get out and show the world how amazing we look. But we also want these incredible results to last. The tough part is avoiding makeup and skincare products in the eyebrow area for at least 10 days after the service. Other things to avoid include scratching, picking, or peeling any flaking skin that may be irritated after the service. Any care products the makeup tattoo artist provides or recommends after the treatment should also be taken seriously. These professionals can offer a customized post-treatment routine specially based on the procedure and the client’s skin type. Also don’ts include tanning, soaking up that hot Miami sun, vigorous exercise, or swimming for approximately 10 days following the appointment. As always, once the skin has fully healed, don’t forget the sunscreen before enjoying the sizzling Miami outdoors.

Why wait?

Life in Miami ( is all about living it up. Why wait to savour the glam, maintenance free, and gorgeous results when you experience the unique and special beauty in microblading eyebrows? The city’s best makeup tattoo artists, with over 50 years’ combined experience, are poised and ready to create the dazzling brow effect you can’t wait to show the world. Schedule your appointment today, and remember to ask about our eyeliner and lip tattoos to complete your new look. Click here to learn more.

Microblading Permanent Makeup in Miami


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