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Read These Tips Before Getting a Tattoo

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Getting a Tattoo: What You Need to Know

At Fame Tattoos, we believe in transforming our client's life stories and artistic passions into true works of art. With over 90 years of combined tattoo experience, we've seen it all and have gathered essential insights for those considering their first tattoo. Here's our comprehensive guide to ensure you're well-prepared for this significant step in your life.

Things to Consider When Thinking About a Tattoo

Considering a tattoo? It's more than just a design; it's a lifelong commitment. From the permanence of your chosen design to the expertise of your tattoo artist, every decision matters. This section offers a concise guide on the essential factors to weigh before getting inked, ensuring you're well-prepared for this significant step. Whether it's budgeting for quality, anticipating the pain, or understanding the importance of aftercare, we've got you covered with insights to make your tattoo journey smooth and fulfilling.

  1. Don't Make Tattoo Decisions Lightly: A tattoo is a lifelong commitment. While certain designs can resonate with you forever, be cautious about choices like tattooing someone's name. Remember, tattoo removal, though possible, can be both expensive and painful.

  2. Research is Key: Dive deep into your research. Ask friends about their tattoo experiences or explore platforms like Instagram to find the perfect artist. Remember, some top-notch artists might have waiting lists, so planning is crucial.

  3. Save Up for Your Tattoo: Quality tattoos come with a price. Ensure you've saved enough not just for the tattoo but also for any additional costs like aftercare products or future touch-ups. A well-planned budget ensures you can afford the best quality without straining your finances.

  4. Be a Support Person / Ask for a Support Person: The tattooing process can be daunting for some. Many tattoo parlors, including ours, allow a support person to accompany you. This individual can be a source of comfort and distraction during the session.

  5. Expect Some Pain: Pain is subjective. While some might find the process a breeze, others might find certain areas, especially over bones, more sensitive. It's essential to mentally prepare yourself for the experience.

  6. Follow Aftercare Instructions: The journey doesn't end once the ink is on your skin. Proper aftercare is crucial to ensure your tattoo heals well and remains vibrant. Always adhere to the aftercare instructions provided by your tattoo artist. This includes avoiding direct sunlight, refraining from swimming, and using recommended ointments.

  7. Future Touch-ups Might be Needed: Tattoos, like all art, can fade over time. Areas exposed to the sun or frequent water contact might require touch-ups. It's essential to revisit your artist for occasional maintenance. This ensures your tattoo remains as vibrant as the day you got it.

Preparing for Your Tattoo Session

Preparing for a tattoo session goes beyond just selecting a design; it's about ensuring your body and mind are in the best state for the experience. From physical preparations like staying hydrated and shaving to mental readiness such as getting ample rest, every step is crucial. Here is a comprehensive checklist to guide you through the essential preparations, ensuring a seamless tattooing process. Whether you're a tattoo veteran or a first-timer, these guidelines will set the stage for a successful tattoo experience.

  1. Get a Good Night’s Sleep: A well-rested body ensures you're alert and in tune with the tattooing process. This is not just about physical readiness but also mental preparedness.

  2. Stay Hydrated: Hydration is key. Drinking ample water ensures your skin is in the best condition to receive the ink. Well-hydrated skin can make the tattooing process smoother and potentially less painful.

  3. Shave, but with Caution: If your chosen tattoo spot has hair, consider shaving it a few times a week leading up to your appointment. However, avoid cuts or razor burns. If you're unsure about shaving, consult with your tattoo artist beforehand.

  4. Shower: A clean body ensures a smooth tattooing process. Especially after activities that induce sweating, ensure you're fresh before your appointment. This not only makes the process more comfortable for you but also for your tattoo artist.

  5. Moisturize Your Skin: Soft, supple skin receives ink better. Moisturize regularly in the days leading up to your tattoo but skip it on the day of your appointment. Overly moisturized skin can affect the tattooing process.

  6. Eat and Bring Snacks: A balanced meal ensures you have the energy to endure the session. For longer sessions, consider packing snacks. This will help maintain your blood sugar levels and keep you energized throughout the session.

  7. Wear Comfortable Clothes: Choose loose, clean attire that easily exposes the area to be tattooed. This ensures the artist has easy access to the tattoo area and reduces the risk of post-tattoo complications.

Avoiding Common Pitfalls

While the excitement of getting a new tattoo can be overwhelming, it's essential to approach the session with caution and awareness. Certain actions or conditions can adversely affect the tattooing process, potentially leading to complications or a less-than-ideal outcome. This section highlights some common pitfalls to steer clear of, ensuring that your tattoo experience is as smooth and successful as possible.

  1. Do Not Show Up Intoxicated: Alcohol or drugs can thin your blood, complicating the tattooing process. It's essential to be in a clear state of mind to make informed decisions during the session.

  2. Avoid Damaged Skin: Fresh tans, cuts, or burns can hinder the tattooing process. Ensure your skin is in its best condition. If you have concerns about your skin's condition, consult with your tattoo artist before the appointment.

  3. Avoid Intensive Exercise: Overstraining your muscles can make the tattooing process more painful. Consider light exercises instead. This ensures your body is relaxed and ready for the tattooing process.

Embarking on the journey of getting a tattoo is a deeply personal and transformative experience. As you've learned through this guide, preparation and awareness are key to ensuring a smooth and memorable tattoo session. If you're ready to turn your vision into a lasting piece of art, or if you have any further questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us at Fame Tattoos. Remember, your story is unique, and it deserves to be told beautifully. Book your consultation with us today and take the first step towards your tattoo journey. Ready for your next ink adventure? Check out our website for exceptional tattoo services!


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