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Tattoo Care Essentials That You Must Follow

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

It’s easy to appreciate a well-designed and completed tattoo. Your personality is seen in the choice of designs and the color or even leaving it as a black and white. Tattoos are a visual storyteller. Good tattoo shops will ensure that you have the aftercare information so your tattoo will last forever.

When Does Tattoo Aftercare Begin:

Making sure you are in a clean hygienic place is important when you are beginning the aftercare for your tattoo. Some tattoo shops will recommend leaving the covering on for up to four hours, others may recommend a longer time. This could depend on the ink used and the location of the tattoo. Follow the tattoo artist’s guidelines for when to remove the covering.

Day 1 After Leaving the Tattoo shops:

When the time has come to remove the covering, make sure that you wash your hands with an antibacterial soap and warm water. Then wash the tattoo in warm water with antibacterial soap (do not use bar soap). Then pat it dry with a paper towel; do not use a cloth. This is to help prevent any infection or irritation. Let your tattoo air dry and do not cover it or put any ointment on it for the first day. Your body will build a protection around it.

Day 2 and the First Two Weeks:

Everyday begin the process the same, wash your hands and then gently wash the tattoo. The difference is after you pat dry your tattoo with a paper towel, you can use our tattoo after care kit. There is a cream that can be used for the first three days, then an additional cream used for the first week and then finally a cream to help for the second week or longer as needed. Each of them is created to ensure that your tattoo has the right moisture and healing factors to keep your tattoo looking vibrant. Apply the cream two or three times a day. This is just a light layer; resist the urge to smother the tattoo with cream. If it becomes dry, then place another light layer on the tattoo.

Dos and Don’ts of Tattoo Aftercare:

When leaving tattoo shops, everyone has the urge to show off their new work of art. It is important to keep it covered until aftercare begins. There are some other things that you need to ensure you follow to keep your tattoo looking beautiful for life.

• For two weeks minimum keep your tattoo out of the sun. Direct sunlight can cause the tattoo to fade. Cover your tattoo with your clothes and nothing else.

• Hot water can make the ink of your tattoo fade. When washing your hands and tattoo, use lukewarm water. Avoid hot showers and hot tubs where hot water can get onto your tattoo.

• Do not pick at scabs. This can scar your tattoo.

When leaving tattoo shops with a new tattoo, you need to follow the aftercare procedures. How you care for your tattoo will determine how it will look for the rest of your life. Follow the simple dos and don’ts and have your tattoo bright and radiant so you want to show it proudly.


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