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What Should I Know Before Getting My Nose Pierced?

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Recent years have shown that nose piercings are on the rise and are a very stylish option among piercings. The nose is the centerpiece of your face so getting a nose piercing can be a very forward way of showing off style. There are some things you should know before getting a nose piercing though, whether it is a nostril or septum piercing, and the information below can help you before you search for nose piercings near me.

Do Nose Piercings Hurt?

Like any piercing there is often going to be a little bit of pain, but it all depends on your pain tolerance, and who is doing the work for you. Because the piercing is happening right in front of your eyes, the fear of the needle is often going to be worse than the actual piercing process itself. You do need to know that when your nose gets pierced, it causes your eyes to water because there are nerves connected to your sinuses that can trigger watery eyes. Nose piercings are like ear lobe piercings, but you may feel more of a pinch due to the cartilage.

What are the Different Types of Nose Piercings?

The nostril and the septum are the most common forms of nose piercings near me, but there are other options to consider if you are looking for something less common.

● Rhino or Vertical Tip: These piercings go through the tip of the nose, vertically. They are an interesting choice and will cause more of a pinching feeling when pierced but heal slightly faster.

● Septril: This is a combination of septum and nostril piercing; you will need an already stretched septum piercing of at least 4g or larger for the procedure to be done.

● Nasallang: This piercing is a straight bar that goes through both nostrils and the septum. The placement will depend on your anatomy. Since it is technically 3 piercings, it will take longer to heal, and is extremely painful to do.

● Mantis: This piercing is done in pairs and is known as a forward nostril piercing. You’ll need to wear flatback style jewelry, and it takes a few months to heal.

What Metals are Allergy & Sensitivity Safe?

Over the years, many different types of metals have been used for piercings, but some can be reactive and cause allergic reactions. If you have sensitive skin or allergies, it's best to avoid metals such as nickel and sterling silver. The best metals to use for sensitivities is ASTM F-136 Titanium, 316LVM Stainless Steel, or 18kt Gold.

When Shouldn’t I Get My Nose Pierced?

Avoid getting nose piercings near me when you are sick. You don't want to be spreading germs around the sterile environment of a piercing parlor and the extra touching and friction around the nose from blowing can cause irritation and increase infection chances.

Aftercare Suggestions

After getting your piercing, you’ll want to take care and listen to the professional piercer for their aftercare suggestions. Keep the area clean by filling a small cup with saline solution and submerging your nose and blowing bubbles for 1 minute. This will clear out any dried fluids and bacteria. Also avoid bumping, snagging, or even touching your piercing for the first few weeks if you can.

Interested in Nose Piercings Near Me?

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