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What to Look for In a Tattoo Artist

Updated: May 23

Tattoos have been around in different forms for hundreds of years. Historically, they have represented status in different tribes or identified warriors. In the modern world, they could still have significant meaning: they could represent belonging to a group, for example, like the military or a group of friends. They also can represent a memory of a loved one, such as a child or spouse, and sometimes it is just a design. Whatever the reason that you are thinking of getting a tattoo, make sure you find the top tattoo artists in Miami.

Lines and colors

Looking at the artwork that the artist has previously completed is essential in finding the top tattoo artists in Miami. When looking at the tattoos or the pictures of the previous work, look beyond just your initial opinion. The initial reaction is important to see if the work is something that you would be proud to have on your body. Look at the penmanship: is the artist able to complete the lines in a single stroke or are they having to go over the tattoo numerous times, making the lines jagged, unclear, and even fuzzy. If the tattoo is in color, is the artist able to blend the colors to make a smooth looking tattoo? If the tattoo is grey or black and white, are the colors subtle? If the artist is not able to blend colors or complete lines, they may be lacking in the talent you want for your tattoo.

What to Look for In a Tattoo Artist

Your artwork

When you have selected your artwork, sit down with the tattoo artist and ensure that they can deliver your expectations. Talk with them about the colors and the lines, and make sure that their vision is your vision. If they are hesitant or seem unsure, then it may be time to look for a different artist. Top tattoo artists in Miami should not be pushy about what their vision is; instead, they should be open to working on making your tattoo vision come to life. When presenting your concept of the tattoo, see how the artist reacts. An artist that is friendly and willing to talk through the process versus one that brushes you off or ignores you can be the deciding factor when choosing the top tattoo artist in Miami.


Hygiene is an important concern when you are looking for a top tattoo artist in Miami. There are a few things to consider when looking at hygiene: the first is the personal appearance of the artist. Although many tattoo shops cater to a crowd that does not consider a suit and tie to be their dress code, they should still appear clean and groomed. Being a tattoo artist is still a profession, and they should represent themselves as such. The studio should represent the artist as well, especially in regard to cleanliness and the hygiene practices used. Does the artist use clean, packaged, sealed needles? Is all blood or body fluid cleaned appropriately? Getting a tattoo should not be a risk for blood poisoning, infections, or Hepatitis. A top tattoo artist in Miami will make sure that your health is looked after during and following the tattoo session.

When you have made the decision to get a tattoo, do your research into finding the top tattoo artist in Miami. For more information Contact Fame Tattoos.

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