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What You Should Know About Ear Piercing

Updated: May 23

Although there are many different places on the body that can be pierced, the earlobes are the simplest and the most common. The lobes are quite often the first place on the body that is pierced, but the lobe piercings are no longer standard, and not as straightforward as they once were. They are not the only ear piercings that can be done on the ear, and those seeking “ear piercings near me” have many options.

Things To Consider When You Google Ear Piercings Near Me

Regardless of what type of ear piercings you are looking for, there are some things you should know beforehand. Piercings only take a second. They are quick to do, but the results are lasting, so ask questions, and do some research on where to go for “ear piercings near me.”

What Parts of the Ear Can Be Pierced?

In addition to the earlobes, there are other places in the ear that can be pierced. There are several possible locations on the outer ear, and inside the ear as well. Outer ear piercings include these parts of the ear - tragus, snug, forward helix and auricle. The inner ear piercings are the anti-tragus, helix, rook, daith, outer conch and the orbital. Look at diagrams to be sure that you know how and where each part of the ear can be pierced before discussing with the professionals at your preferred piercing parlor.

Will it Hurt?

Other than the lobes, the other piercings are through cartilage, and they can differ in the amount of care, pain and healing time that comes afterwards. Lobe piercings have a very small amount of pain — it’s usually just a quick pinch, but other ear piercings, especially those through cartilage can be quite painful. There may be a sharp shock followed by a dull throbbing pain. The most painful are those through harder tissue and they may hurt for a week or so. As with any piercing or tattoo, there is the potential for infection if not properly cared for.

Find a Professional

A professional and experienced piercer can make this easier. Be sure to ask questions about how the piercing will be handled and how the recovery time can be made simpler. A professional with experience will take the worry away and help you decide what is best. The professional piercer will know the best practices, use the best tools and cause as little pain as possible.

“Ear piercing near me” costs depend on the price for the piercer’s time and effort, and an additional cost for the jewelry. Good quality jewelry is important when the piercing is fresh to speed the healing and prevent infections.

It will be gorgeous, but first be sure to consider your piercing carefully and discuss with the piercer what kind of piercing you want, where it should be and how to take care of it. Ear piercing is safe when done by a professional piercer in a clean and sterile environment. Follow instructions on how to clean the piercings afterward and select quality jewelry when the piercing is first done. Infections, allergic reactions, and scar tissue growth are potential risks that you should consider when researching “ear piercing near me”. Contact us to know more details.


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