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Things to Look for in a Black and Grey Tattoo Artist

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Black and Grey Tattoo Artists Near Me

If you have decided to get yourself a tattoo, you know that it is an important decision and that you want the best artist you can find. In searching for tattoo artists there are many things to look for because you are going to be getting something permanent on your skin, and you don’t want it to turn into a huge regret because you went with an artist that doesn’t know their trade. So if you are searching for “black and grey tattoo artists near me”, then below are several things to look for in a black and grey tattoo artist.

Positive Reviews and Customer Satisfaction

When you start your search for “black and grey tattoo artists near me”, there are several places you can use to find the right tattoo artist for you. The first place you will likely search for tattoo artists is through your friends or family that have had ink done in the past: where they got it done, and what they thought of the artist and the results of their inking. Spread your net of connections wide to find artists that friends or family have had great experiences with so that you have a good starting base for a list of artists to look into, or at the very least artists to avoid. Once you have your list, you can start looking them up online. Most artists will have some form of online presence, whether it is a website for their shop or just a Facebook page. Check out their previous artwork and check the online reviews for them to narrow down your selection of artists. If they have Facebook or Instagram accounts, you could even reach out to those that have left comments and get their personal opinions on the artist and the ink they had done.

Ink Portfolio

Once you have narrowed down your list of artists to check out, the next thing to look for in black and grey tattoo artists near me is their previous work or work portfolio. It is important to view completed tattoos, as drawing on paper and inking a person are a different set of skills. For black and grey tattoos you are going to want to look for strong, solid lines that are smooth and look as if they are done in single strokes. As well, you are going to want to check out their shading techniques, as shading is very important in greyscale artwork. Consistent work through their portfolio will lend credit to their abilities, and give you peace of mind that whatever ink they put on you is going to be quality work.

Artist’s Studio

Visiting the shop or studio of black and grey tattoo artists near me is an important step in the process. You want to get a look around their work area, as hygiene is very important when it comes to getting inked. You don’t want to contract any blood-borne diseases or ailments or get infected by improperly sterilized tools, or reused needles. Watch how they work on others, ensure they are wearing gloves and keeping everything clean, wiping down often and covering surfaces in plastic. If anything in their shop makes you feel uneasy, don’t hesitate to walk out and find another tattoo artist. You can also ask if they have any hygiene certifications which shows their dedication to keeping a hygienic workplace.

Black and Grey Tattoo Artists Near Me

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