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How to Make a Style Statement with Body Piercings and Tattoos

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Tattoos and piercings say something. But do they say what you want? The difference between making a statement that’s intentional and stylish versus simply having a work of art on your body can be a lot. If you want to make a statement and create a look around your tattoos, piercings, or both, the first step isn’t typing piercing shops near me into your phone or computer. It’s thinking about what kind of statement you want to make and then getting what you want accordingly. Here are a few things to think about when looking for a statement piercing or tattoo, and how Fame Tattoos can help you get the perfect look.

Choose Something that You Control

While we often think of tattoos and piercings that are really prominent as “statements,” and they certainly are, choosing an attention-grabbing piece that you can cover and reveal puts you in control of the statement. If you truly want to make a statement, then consider first how you want to make it. That means thinking about not just what you want, but where you want it and how you want it to look before punching piercing shops into your search engine. Working directly with your artist or piercing expert is the best way to nail this down and ensure that whatever you get says what you want it to say.

How to Make a Style Statement with Body Piercings and Tattoos

Look at your Options

Many people walk into a store after typing “piercing shops near me” into their phone and simply say “I want my ears pierced.” They don’t know that there are dozens of ear piercings. Do they want an earlobe? Conch? Industrial? Ragus? Anti-tragus? The people who want to make a statement do so with intention, so look into the piercings or tattoos that you may want and think about what you would like. Then, you will have a better idea of the statement you want to make and can talk it through with your piercer or tattoo artist.

Dress the Part

Statements are often as much about how as they are what. In the case of blending tattoos, piercings, and your clothes and accessories into a statement, you should think just as much about color as anything else. Do you want your tattoos to be the focal point? Then colorful designs will help. Similarly, understated jewelry in your piercings can draw the eye somewhere else for greater effect. It’s about thinking holistically, not simply about one piece of clothing or one tattoo or piercing. When you look at everything, you can make a statement that’s cohesive when you punch “piercing shops near me” into your browser.

Here at Fame Tattoos, we pride ourselves in giving people the look and feel they want from their piercings and tattoos. We go beyond just giving you what you want and instead work with you to help craft something that says what you want it to say. Whether that involves working closely with our talented tattoo team or picking out the perfect piercing, we are the people you want if you find yourself typing “piercing shops near me” into your phone or computer.

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