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Ten Places on Your Body to Get Tattoos

Updated: Feb 15

Tattoos are more than just body art; they are a form of self-expression, a piece of your personal story inked onto your skin. If you're in the United States pondering over where to get your next or perhaps your first tattoo, it's essential to consider how location impacts both the tattoo's appearance and your experience. Here are ten popular tattoo locations, each with its unique appeal and considerations.

1. Wrist Tattoos: Delicate and Visible

The wrist is a favored spot for a tattoo, especially for those who desire something small yet visible. Ideal for quotes, symbols, or minimalist designs, wrist tattoos are a subtle way to make a statement. However, the skin on the wrist is thin, which might mean a bit more discomfort during the tattooing process. Wrist tattoos can fade quickly due to exposure and movement, so consider this when choosing your design.

2. Forearm Tattoos: A Canvas for Creativity

Forearms offer a larger canvas, perfect for detailed and intricate designs. From sleeve tattoos to smaller, discrete artwork, this area allows for high visibility and is less painful due to the thicker skin. Forearm tattoos are versatile, catering to both bold statements and understated artistry.

3. Ankle Tattoos: Subtle and Elegant

Ankle tattoos are an excellent choice for a first tattoo. They can be easily concealed or shown off, making them versatile for various settings. Ideal for small, delicate designs like florals or symbols, ankle tattoos can be a gentle introduction to the world of ink. Be prepared for a bit more discomfort, as the skin around the ankle is close to the bone.

4. Rib Cage Tattoos: Personal and Intimate

Rib cage tattoos are known for their personal significance, often chosen for designs that hold deep meaning. This area offers a broad, flat canvas suitable for large designs or meaningful quotes. Be mindful that rib cage tattoos can be quite painful due to the proximity to the bone and the thin skin.

5. Shoulder Tattoos: Timeless and Classic

Shoulder tattoos are timeless and offer a broad area for creative expression. This location is ideal for designs that wrap around the shoulder or extend towards the chest or back. Shoulder tattoos can be easily covered and are less painful, making them a popular choice for both first-timers and seasoned tattoo enthusiasts.

6. Back Tattoos: A Large Canvas

The back is like a vast canvas, perfect for large, detailed designs. From full-back pieces to smaller, centered designs, this area allows for artistic freedom. Back tattoos can be more or less painful depending on the specific location (upper back tends to be less sensitive than lower back) and offer the advantage of being easily concealed.

7. Chest Tattoos: Bold and Personal

Chest tattoos are a bold choice, often chosen for designs that are close to the heart, both literally and figuratively. This area allows for large designs, and while it can be more painful, especially closer to the sternum, it offers a unique space for expressive and meaningful art.

8. Thigh Tattoos: Versatile and Less Painful

Thigh tattoos are popular for their versatility and lower pain level. The thigh provides a large area for detailed designs, and these tattoos can be easily concealed or shown off. This spot is particularly popular for larger, more intricate designs and offers a relatively less painful experience due to the thicker skin and muscle.

9. Foot Tattoos: Distinctive and Challenging

Foot tattoos are distinctive but come with specific challenges. The skin on the foot is thin, and the proximity to bones and tendons makes the process more painful. Foot tattoos also tend to fade faster due to constant movement and exposure. However, for small, unique designs, the foot can be an excellent location.

10. Neck Tattoos: Bold and Visible

Neck tattoos are for those who want to make a bold statement. This location is highly visible and can be a canvas for both small, subtle designs and larger pieces. Be prepared for a higher level of discomfort, and consider the social and professional implications of a neck tattoo, as it is one of the most visible locations.


Choosing the right location for your tattoo is as crucial as selecting the design. Each spot on your body offers a unique canvas with its own set of pros and cons. Consider your pain tolerance, the visibility of the tattoo, and the message you want to convey through your ink.

If you're ready to take the next step in your tattoo journey or have any questions, reach out to our professional tattoo artist for guidance. We can provide valuable tattoo tips, help you avoid tattoo regret, and assist in selecting the perfect location for your new piece of art.

Remember, your body is your canvas, and a tattoo is a beautiful way to showcase your story. Choose wisely and embrace the art of ink!


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