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What is the Difference Between Black and Grey vs Color Tattoos?

Updated: Apr 26

More often than not, choosing the color scheme for your tattoo can be pretty tricky. Whether it's your first tattoo or it's your next session, it can be really hard to decide what you want. Even if you have the overall theatre shape and size of your tattoo figured out, you still have to decide if you want it done in black and grey or in color. But which one is better, and why? Let’s take a look at why you might be starting a Google search for “black and grey tattoo artists near me” in a few minutes.

Colored tattoos

Color is commonly used to express the concept and meaning behind the tattoo. Red, brown, green, and yellow are among the most common to be used in color tattoos. Colored tattoos have the advantage of making even the most basic patterns entertaining and intriguing. Colored tattoos are also ideal for those seeking medium to huge tattoos. The color will look better the larger the tattoo is.

Colored tattoos do have some disadvantages, though:

• They fade faster than black and grey ink

• They require more regular touch-ups

• Color doesn't work well in little designs

• Your time in the sun may be limited if you have an exposed colored tattoo

• As you get older, the color of your tattoo can accentuate wrinkles.

Black and Grey Tattoos

Did the disadvantages of color tattoos turn you away a little bit? Well, no worries there. Black and grey tattoos look good in almost every design, although the style is usually meant for tattoos that have more intricate designs and patterns. They are also much more toned-down than color tattoos.

The advantages of the black and grey tattoo are:

• They're excellent for bold design and subtle designs

• They're suitable for both small and large designs

• They don't fade as fast as the colored ones

• They are lower maintenance

• The black ink is less toxic and less harmful than colored ink.

Why a lot of people like black and grey tattoos better than colored tattoos

With the constant touch-ups and the highlighting of your wrinkles, and the fact that colored tattoo ink actually contains more chemicals and harmful substances than black and grey tattoo ink, a lot of people prefer the lower maintenance of the black and grey tattoo. In the long run, it'll cost you less because you don't have to touch it up as often. And you can spend more time in the sunshine, as everyone should—but you should still wear sunscreen to protect your skin and your tattoo. Black and grey tattoos also offer a lot more photo realism in the look of your tattoo, and that is a look a lot of people prefer.

How to find the best black and grey tattoo artist near me

All in all, tattoos are pretty cool, and it's important that you choose whichever color suits your story better. Just make sure you're taking all of the extra precautions to heal. After reading this article, you should be able to decide which tattoo, colored or black and grey, will suit you better. If you're thinking about searching for a “black and grey tattoo artist near me”, consider clicking here to learn more.

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