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Four Important Factors to Consider While Getting a Body Piercing

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Four Important Factors to Consider While Getting a Body Piercing

Body piercings have gone from fringe to mainstream in just a couple of decades. Where belly button rings and eyebrow rings were once seen as taboo, many people proudly wear them in almost any setting. With the increase in popularity of body piercings, there have also been more people simply typing at piercing shops near me and getting one on a whim. This can be a dangerous idea, which is why most professional shops ask you to be mindful of getting a body piercing. Today, we want to walk you through some considerations you should think about before getting a body piercing, and how a shop like Fame Tattoos can make sure you get a clean piercing that looks great and has a lower risk of infection.

1. The Hygiene

Before you decide to get any body piercing, regardless of where it will be, you have to think about hygiene: your own and the hygiene of your prospective piercing shop nearby. Some piercings require more maintenance and upkeep than others, which means that you will need to make sure that you can commit to that upkeep after the piercing. More importantly, you have to be sure that the piercing shop you go to also has a commitment to hygiene. It’s about more than simply typing “piercing shops near me” into Google. It’s about heading to a trusted shop that is committed to keeping its shop clean. A shop like Fame Tattoos, who is dedicated to exceeding the minimum expectations for Florida piercing shops.

2. The Piercer

Just like tattoo artists, many people who love piercings get them done by a trusted piercer. Rather than relying on just anyone who owns a “piercing shop near me,” make sure that you head to a professional. If you like piercings, then it’s often good to develop a professional relationship with your piercer, who can help you with anything you need.

3. The Risks

There are risks involved in getting and keeping a body piercing. You can mitigate these risks by choosing a professional piercer who works at a clean piercing shop near me. There are, however, always risks associated with piercings regardless. It is essential to understand these risks before you choose your piercing and to consider your current health before signing up for a piercing. People with diabetes, for example, are at a higher risk of infection so it makes sense to be more cautious about body piercings.

4. The Lifestyle

While many people want a body piercing for their reasons, many others also make the decision with a little less care. They get a piercing somewhere on their body and not a week later they engage in a regular activity that causes an infection or somehow disrupts their brand-new piercing. If you are looking for piercing shops near you for a body piercing, it’s important to think about your lifestyle before and after. While you will need to be extra cautious after you have your piercing, you may have to change activities to keep it safe and you healthy. If you are typing “piercing shops near me” into Google, then come to Fame Tattoos. Our professional piercers adhere to the highest standards and can help you get a piercing that you will love.

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