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Body Piercing Aftercare & Healing Essentials

Updated: May 23

Body piercings can be an extension of your body that shows off your personality and style, but you have to remember that, in the end, you are wounding your body by piercing the skin, which means that it's important to take care of it afterwards. With any open wound, you want to take good care of the area until it is fully healed, ensuring it remains clean and sterile, and paying attention to it so that it can heal quickly and cleanly without getting infected. The good piercing shops near me ( make sure that I am given full aftercare treatment instructions along with the essentials for clean healing. Here are some of the tips I’ve learned that can help you heal better, too.

Non-Oral Body Piercings

Your body piercings should be cleaned regularly; if you aren’t cleaning the piercing at least twice a day, you are greatly increasing your chances of getting an infection. Any cleaning should be done with mild antibacterial soap that is free from fragrances or other additives. Crusted bits will generally build up around piercing holes, so the best time is to clean when in the shower where warm water will help with the cleaning process.

Body Piercing Aftercare & Healing Essentials

Sea salt soaks for the body piercing area are something most piercing shops will recommend in order to pull out impurities and reduce inflammation. Avoid using hydrogen peroxide or alcohol on a piercing because it will dry out the area, and avoid Neosporin as well. Your piercing must also remain in the piercing hole the whole time until it is fully healed, or it could heal closed. Avoid sleeping on, or putting tight fitting clothing on, your piercing until the initial healing phase is completed.

When cleaning around your piercing, always use a fresh Kleenex or cotton swab because washcloths often harbor germs and bacteria. As well, always wash your hands before cleaning your piercing to minimize the chance of infection.

Oral Body Piercings

Oral body piercings are any piercing in your mouth, whether it is a tongue ring, lip ring, or anything related. For a good, clean healing process, you need to be cleaning out your mouth with an antibacterial agent after every meal, as well as cleaning your teeth. Food feeds bacteria, and you need to keep your mouth as free from bacteria as possible for as long as you can. Biotene is a good dental rinse to use during the healing process of an oral body piercing (it is one of the main products that was recommended to me by piercing shops near me).

While healing, do not smoke, chew gum, or use snuff or rub to reduce irritations to the piercing and minimize the chance of infection. Do not play with your piercing jewelry or clack it against your teeth; that can damage your enamel. Infection risks are highest during the first few weeks, so avoid kissing or other bodily fluid exchanges during that period.

Overall Healthcare

Your body's ability to fight off infection, especially with what it considers an open wound, is heavily affected by your overall general health. During the healing period for a body piercing, make sure you are keeping properly hydrated, getting your required amount of sleep (6-8 hours each night), taking vitamin supplements, reducing stress factors in your life, and taking ibuprofen if the piercing is causing pain.

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